California Wildfires

Burned Areas

Redwood Chapter members and residents know all too personally the devastating effects of wildfires. Major wildfires in our region every year since 2015 have destroyed thousands of homes, businesses and pristine wildlands. Smoke events from distant fires have impacted our air quality, and power shutoffs to reduce the incidence of fire during high winds have caused schools and businesses to close. Our late summers and falls have now been termed "fire season." 

Redwood Chapter and Sierra Club California have released a white paper delineating how PG&E's failure to upgrade its infrastructure, while enacting terrible forest management policies, continuing to reward its stakeholders and increasing its customers' rates.  Read the White Paper here.

Sign a petition to urge state leaders to hold PG&E responsible for upgrading its antiquated infrastructure and order the utility to stop cutting down healthy trees throughout our state.

In early December 2020, Redwood Chaper hosted an online panel on wildfires and land use featuring the research of Dr. Alexandra Syphard. Watch the Recording here.

 Santa Rosa Couple Embraces Fire Resistant Materials to Rebuild Home 

Santa Rosa Couple Embraces Fire Resistant Materials to Rebuild Home

Karen and Stan Sommer are insistent that the materials they use to rebuild their home on Bennett Ridge in Santa Rosa are fire resistant and eco-friendly. While living in a place prone to wildfire, the couple understands that fire can strike again at anytime.