Wilderness Quiz

1. On Sept 3, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act. On the same day – at the same session in the Rose Garden – he signed another bill that has proved important for preserving lands—what was this other legislation?

2. Who introduced the first Wilderness bill into the U.S. Congress, and what year?

3. What is the only wilderness area in our country that is not in any state?

4. What state got the most wilderness areas in the original act signed in 1964?

5. What state has the largest number of wilderness areas now?

6. Which state has the second highest number of wilderness areas?

7. What state has the most wilderness, by acreage, rather than number of different areas?

8. How many states in our country now have wilderness?

9. Which are the states that have NO federal wilderness now?

10. How many different federal agencies manage wilderness, and what are they?

11. Of the states that have wilderness now, which was the LAST to get any?

12. Which four states have only ONE wilderness area each, and what is the (coincidental) similarity among three of these four wilderness areas?

13. Which is the largest wilderness area in our country, about how big, and in which state?

14. Which is the smallest wilderness area in our country, about how big, and in which state?

15. California is one of very few states that, inspired by the federal system, established its own STATE wilderness system. How many state wildernesses do we have in California, and can you name three (or more)?

16. In California, so far (by September 3rd), how many cities and counties have passed resolutions or issued proclamations honoring the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act -- and which are they?

17. Which was the first state to issue a proclamation honoring the Wilderness Act anniversary?

18. Who chiefly wrote the Wilderness Act?

19. What is the oddest, least understood, and possibly most significant word in the Wilderness Act? Why?

20. Which President signed the largest number of separate wilderness bills?

21. How many state and federal Wildernesses do we have here in Redwood Chapter?

22. Which is the largest in the chapter, and which the smallest?