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The following represent chapterwide positions, which involve coordinating among all Groups within the chapter.

Editorial Assistant:

Assist the Communications Coordinator in producing the bimonthly print newsletter.

Regular communication with the chapter and group chairs (or their representatives) is critical. Contacts should also be established with the leaders of various committees or activities, keeping an eye out for newsworthy items. Coordination with the outing chair is important, so that the schedule of trips may be published in each issue.


      • Update mailing list as subscribe and unsubscribe requests are received.
      • Coordinate with the printer to submit newsletter in timely manner to reach members by the publication date.
      • Download mailing label list from the Sierra Club database and send to printer.
      • Coordinate with advertisers, send invoices and record payments.
      • Mark up each issue to determine the proportion eligible for Foundation funding and send information to Chapter Treasurer.
      • Other tasks as needed.

Estimated Time Commitment: 3-5 hours every other month.
Contact: vbrandon@lakelive.info

Membership Engagement Chair:

Be the friendly face that introduces new members and volunteers to Sierra Club Redwood Chapter. This is a key position within the Chapter to help it grow and maintain an engaged and active member and volunteer base.

      • Create a calendar for member engagement activities.
      • Carry out two to three social events for members and volunteers a year, including new member parties.
      • Recruit and lead a member engagement team to help plan events and activities throughout the chapter.
      • Welcome new members with a welcome letter or phone call.
      • Track attendance at events and meetings and report to chapter/group leaders.
      • Track new member sign-ups and report to chapter/group leaders.
      • Recruit new members through social media, newsletters, engaging with other groups and attending events to promote Sierra Club membership.
      • Maintain a volunteer “wish list” to help direct new members into suitable volunteer roles.
      • Assist Group Membership Chairs as needed.

Knowledge and Skills:

      • Ability to interact effectively and pleasantly with volunteers and the public.
      • Experience in managing people and project/program development.
      • Strong organizational skills.
      • Strong written and oral communication skills.
      • Familiarity with and access to Sierra club’s membership database or an ability to learn.

Estimated Time Commitment: 10-12 hours a month.
Contact: vbrandon@lakelive.info

Chapter Water Chair:

Oversees all chapter activity dealing with water issues. Coordinates water-related activities with Group leaders. This is a position for someone who has a passion and knowledge about water issues in Northern California, including groundwater management, agricultural irrigation, streams and rivers, lakes and reservoirs, storm runoff and flood management.

Responsibilities Include:

      • Maintaining communication with chapter and group leaders on water issues affecting the chapter’s region.
      • Coordinating with other organizations to stand up to threats to clean water and healthy waterways.
      • Recruiting and leading a water committee that includes members from all Groups within the chapter.
      • Providing leadership and direction on all Sierra Club issues and communications regarding water.
      • Developing or maintaining existing relationships with key water stakeholders, public officials and water managers in the region.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5-10 hours a month.
Contact: vbrandon@lakelive.info

Chapter Transportation Committee Members

We are looking for people who use public and/or paratransit transportation systems in their communities and around the North Bay.

Ideally, members will represent all geographic areas within the Chapter’s boundaries and provide a network to report to the Chapter on transit service quality, efficiency and cost.

Responsibilities Include:

      • Keeping notes on transit experiences to share with the group and writing a short summary of conditions each month.
      • Keeping track of volunteer shuttle services and local car-share arrangements.
      • Representing the Sierra Club at local government meetings that address transportation issues.
      • Working with other groups as a Sierra Club liaison to address transportation issues and improvements within communities.

Estimated time commitment: 4 hours a month.
Contact: vbrandon@lakelive.info