Solano Group - Volunteer Opportunities

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Group Outings Chair:

Provides leadership, direction and oversight to group outings program and its outings leaders, working to make outdoor activities an integrated and vital element of the group’s efforts.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining current Sierra Club membership.
  • Being familiar with the Outings Leader Handbook and all Club policies and procedures pertaining to the Group outings program.
  • Ensuring that Group outings follow Club policies and procedures.
  • Managing and minimizing the risks of Group Outings.
  • Maintaining training and first aid certification requirements for Group Outings Leaders and ensuring all active leaders have met these requirements.
  • Maintaining communication with the Chapter Outings Chair and Outings Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Reviewing and approving all outings within the Group.
  • Coordinating scheduling, planning, and publication requirements of Group Outings.
  • Working with leaders to integrate conservation issues into the outings program whenever possible.
  • Maintaining records as required by the Chapter and national outings program.
  • Recruiting new outings participants and leaders.

Estimated Time Commitment: 10 hours a month.

Group Conservation Chair:

Provides leadership, direction and guidance to the group on all issues related to conservation.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Identifying local conservation issues needing attention.
  • Providing strategy and vision for conservation advocacy within the group.
  • Recruiting and leading a Group conservation committee.
  • Reporting on conservation committee activities to the Group executive committee.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 hours a month, plus attendance at Group executive committee meetings.

Group Political Chair:

Lead the Group’s political committee to preserve the environment through grassroots nonpartisan political action.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Coordinating the Group’s political program and representing the Group on the chapter political committee.
  • Identifying and recruiting members of the Group’s political committee and assigning appropriate tasks to those members.
  • Assembling information on local candidates to convey to the membership.
  • Coordinating recommendations for local candidate and ballot measure endorsements.

Estimated Time Commitment:

Forums Coordinator:

The Group wants to host a regular series of forums for Club members and the general public, with speakers or panel discussions on diverse subjects of interest related to Club conservation objectives.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating and maintaining a list of proposed topics and speakers.
  • Recruiting participants for specific events.
  • Scheduling specific events.
  • Publicizing forums in the Redwood Needles, local news outlets, and social media.
  • Working with the Membership Chair to capturing the names and contact information of attendees and entering it into the Club database.
  • Thanking speakers after forums are held.

Estimated Time Commitment: 4 hours a month