Redwood Chapter Leaders

Redwood Chapter is governed by a 12-member Executive Committee, half elected at-large and half representing one of our six Groups. 2024 members are Dan Mayhew (chair), Jeanne Chinn, Chris Rogers, Elayna Trucker, Steve Scalmanini, David Campbell (Napa Group), Joe Feller (Solano Group), Ned Forsyth (North Group), Shirley Johnson (Sonoma Group), Deb Sally (Lake Group) and Mary Walsh (Mendocino Group). Contact Dan for more information. 

Redwood Chapter leaders in the days of in-person meetings before Covid:

Back row, from left: Louis Vas, Tom Roth, Annette Krammer, Suzanne Doyle, Randal MacDonald, Jana Selph, Joe Feller, Ned Forsyth, Nancy Tamarisk, Joan Dambros.

Front row, from left: Shirley Johnson, Victoria Brandon, Carolyn Ruttan, Rue Furch, Keith Kaulum, Jeff Morris

Redwood Chapter Leaders asterisk beside name ( * ) indicates Chapter ExCom Member

Executive Director - Kelly Ramsey  ‭
Chair - Victoria Brandon* (707) 994-1931
Vice Chair -  Dan Mayhew*  
Secretary -  Jim Horn  
Treasurer -  Jana Selph  
CCC Delegate Victoria Brandon* (707) 994-1931
CCC Delegate Dan Mayhew*  
CCL Alternate -  Roland Dumas*  
CCL Alternate -  Chris Rogers*  
ExCom Member At Large -  Victoria Brandon* (707) 994-1931
ExCom Member At Large -  Dan Mayhew*  
ExCom Member At Large -  Chris Rogers*  
ExCom Member At Large -  Roland Dumas*  
Lake Group Delegate -  Deb Sally* (707) 235-9011
Mendocino Group Delegate -  Mary Walsh* (707) 937-0572
Napa Group Delegate -  David Campbell*  
North Group Delegate -  Ned Forsyth* (707) 826-2417
Solano Group Delegate -  Joe Feller* (415) 902-3395
Sonoma Group Delegate -  Shirley Johnson* (707) 206-1138


Committee Chairs

Conservation Chair -  Chris Rogers  
Energy & Climate Chair -  Position vacant  
Finance Chair -  Jana Selph  
Forest Chair -  Jeanne Chinn  
Grazing Chair -  Felice Pace (707) 954-6588
Legal Chair -  Position vacant  
Outings Chair • Outings Leadership Training -  David Campbell  
Political Chair -  Victoria Brandon (707) 994-1931
Public Lands Chair -  Victoria Brandon (707) 994-1931
Transportation Chair -  Steve Birdlebough (707) 576-6632
Wilderness Chair -  Victoria Brandon (707) 994-1931



Other Chapter Leaders

Chapter Communications Coordinator -  Shoshana Hebshi  
Redwood Needles Editor -  Jim Horn  
Chapter Webmaster -  Melanie Matway