Sonoma Group Volunteer Opportunities

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Group Secretary:

The secretary has the overall responsibility of maintaining the records of the Group, and can function best in a close working relationship with the Group Chair, including advising on meeting agendas and assisting with the conduct of executive committee meetings. This includes maintaining a basic familiarity with Robert’s Rules and/or other basic meeting operating procedures.


  • Minutes: Record meeting minutes in an accurate, understandable manner, reflecting the essence of discussion and capturing any action items. Ideally, a preliminary draft of the minutes of each meeting should be sent to the chair within a week for review and correction. A revised draft should be sent to each executive committee member in advance of the next meeting, and formal approval of the previous meeting’s minutes should be an action item on each meeting’s agenda.
  • Records: Maintain a permanent file of bylaws, minutes, policy resolutions, chapter or group papers, reports and correspondence, and pass the file on to your successor.

Estimated Time Commitment: 2 hours a month, plus attendance at Group executive committee meetings.

Group Outings Chair:

Provides leadership, direction and oversight to group outings program and its outings leaders, working to make outdoor activities an integrated and vital element of the group’s efforts.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining current Sierra Club membership.
  • Being familiar with the Outings Leader Handbook and all Club policies and procedures pertaining to the Group outings program.
  • Ensuring that Group outings follow Club policies and procedures.
  • Managing and minimizing the risks of Group Outings.
  • Maintaining training and first aid certification requirements for Group Outings Leaders and ensuring all active leaders have met these requirements.
  • Maintaining communication with the Chapter Outings Chair and Outings Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Reviewing and approving all outings within the Group.
  • Coordinating scheduling, planning, and publication requirements of Group Outings.
  • Working with leaders to integrate conservation issues into the outings program whenever possible.
  • Maintaining records as required by the Chapter and national outings program.
  • Recruiting new outings participants and leaders.

Estimated Time Commitment: 10 hours a month.

Sonoma Group Fundraising Chair:

Work with the group executive committee to develop and implement an annual group fundraising program, based on the annual goals and on records from previous years. Must possess strong organizational skills, computer skills and experience managing projects, people and activities.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating a monthly planning calendar for fundraising events and activities.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to assist in fundraising activities.
  • Attending Sierra Club Fundraising Training.
  • Being the designated contact for fundraising inquiries and activities.
  • Working with the Chapter Fundraising Chair and Chapter Executive Committee to coordinate fundraising goals and activities.

Estimated Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week.

Sonoma Group Forums Coordinator:

Plan and carry out a series of small, casual forums on environmental topics to be held at the Environmental Center in Santa Rosa.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Familiarity with topics of interest to Sierra Club members in Sonoma County.
  • Contacting and scheduling speakers for forums.
  • Publicize forums to the media, general public and Sierra Club members.
  • Create and maintain a forums calendar.
  • Be the contact person for people wanting to speak to Sierra Club Sonoma Group.

Estimated Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week, plus attendance at forums.

Sonoma Group Government Liaison:

Help maintain and improve relationships with local elected officials to influence their behavior and promote the Sierra Club's conservation objectives on the local level.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining a database of county and city elected officials.
  • Recruiting volunteers who have an ongoing relationship with one or more of those elected officials and are willing to approach them on request.
  • Taking primary responsibility for speaking for the Group at meetings of the County Board of Supervisors and other official decision-making bodies.
  • Communicate with the Group Political Chair on issues that might be relevant to the political committee.
  • Consider serving on the Group Political Committee.

Estimated Time Commitment: 4 hours a month.