Make sure you’re ready to make your voice heard on Election Day!

Together, we can get environmental champions and climate justice advocates elected at the local and state level, and all the way up to the White House.

NEPA Jerry Crinella https://www.facebook.com/JessupIndependentDemocrats Jessup Borough Council  
NEPA Joanna Bryn Smith http://paforjbs.com Luzerne County Council  
NEPA Brittany Stephenson https://www.standwithstephenson.com Luzerne County Council  
NEPA Jimmy Sabatino http://Jimmyforluzerne.com   Luzerne County Council  
NEPA Michelle Rothenbecker http://michelle4luzerneco.com Luzerne County Council  
NEPA Patricia Krushnowski   Luzerne County Council  
SPG Jamie Gauthier https://www.jamieforphilly.com Phila City Council 3rd District
SPG Kendra Brooks https://www.kendraforphilly.com Phila City Council at Large  
SPG Rue Landau https://rueforphilly.com Phila City Council at Large  
SPG Nina Ahmad https://Ninaforphillly.com Phila City Council at Large  
SPG Marian Moskowitz https://www.marianmoskowitz.com Chester County Commissioner  
SPG Josh Maxwell https://www.joshmaxwell.com Chester County Commissioner  
SPG Eric Roe https://ERICROE.ORG Chester County Commissioner  
SPG Heather Boyd https://heatherboydforpa.com PA House 163rd District
SPG Christine Reuther https://www.reuther4delco.com Delaware County Council  
SPG Monica Taylor https://delcovictory.com Delaware County Council  
SPG Elaine Schaefer https://epschaefer@comcast.net Delaware County Council  
SPG Maggie Harper Epstein https://harperepstein.com Lower Merion Township Commissioner Ward 11
ALG Lindsay Powell https://www.lindsaypowellforpa.com PA House District 21
ALG Sara Innamorato https://saraforall.com Allegheny County Executive  
ALG Debra Gross https://debgrosspgh.org Pittsburgh City Council District 7
ALG Barb Warwick https://barbforpgh.com Pittsburgh City Council District 5
ALG Bobby Wilson https://votebobbywilson.com Pittsburgh City Council District 1
ALG Paul Klein https://pmkleincom.wordpress.com Allegheny County Council District 11
ALG Dan Grzybek https://dan4district5.com Allegheny County Council District 5
ALG Sam Schmidt http://peopleforsamschmidt.com Allegheny County Council District 13
LAN Alice Yoder https://yoderforlancaster.com Lancaster County Commissioner  
GVP Justin Douglas https://www.douglasfordauphin.com Dauphin County Commissioner  
GVP Jean Foschi https://commissionerjeanfoschi.com Cumberland County Commissioner  
GVP Marty Qually http://www.martyquallyforadamscounty.com Adams County Commissioner  
GVP Michael Schroeder https://schroeder4commissioner.com Lebanon County Commissioner  
KIT Jesse Royer https://voteyesforjess.com/ Berks County Commissioner  
LKE Chris Drexel https://unitedforerie.org   Erie County Council  
LVG John K Gallagher   Bethlehem Township Commissioner District 2
LVG Laura Ray https://SauconValleyTogether.com Lower Saucon Township Council  
LVG Priscilla deLeon https://SauconValleyTogether.com Lower Saucon Township Council  
LVG Victoria Opthof-Cordaro https://SauconValleyTogether.com Lower Saucon Township Council  
LVG Tara Zrinski https://www.vote4zrinski.org Northampton County Controller  

CHAPTER Jill Beck https://www.jillbeck.com PA Superior Court  
CHAPTER Timika Lane https://Judgelaneforpa.com PA Superior Court  
CHAPTER Dan McCaffery https://www.judgemccaffery.com PA Supreme Court  
CHAPTER Matthew Wolf https://www.judgemattwolf.com PA Commonwealth Court  


 If you're a candidate for office or a member interested in getting involved in our electoral activities and would like to be considered for our endorsement please contact us here.


This document is meant to offer general guidance on Club-wide best practices and does not cover state-specific laws. Please work with your Chapter Compliance Officer to review the specific parameters of your state’s campaign finance laws.