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Mission : Work to support the electrification of all of PAs transportation platforms resulting in a system that is powered by 100% clean renewable energy and is equitably accessible for all Pennsylvanians. Support state policy that grows the EV charging infrastructure and encourages fleet electrification (starting with municipal and school fleets). Sponsor EV demonstrations. 

Advise on public transit funding alternatives. Coordinate with the Energy Teams and the Clean Energy For All/PA Network and the national Sierra Club Transportation For All initiatives. Support Group teams working in this space with similar missions and stay connected with Group volunteer teams and SC national resources.


2024 Priorities

  1. Research advanced clean cars rulemaking in PA 
  2. Explore how PA should spend its funds from the federal Infrastructure Bill 
  3. Promote transportation equity in PA 

Meetings and Events

The SC/PA Clean Energy Team meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month via video call. Look for "Chapter Transportation Team Mtg" event on  our event calendar.


Contacts - Volunteer Interest

To ask a quesiton of the Transportation Team, or learn how you can contribute to our team, submit this Volunteer Interest Form.

We are always looking for new volunteers. Join our next meeting (see Meetings & Events above) or connect our team leaders to learn how you can work on building our resource hub or tracking PA legislation that helps move to transportation that uses clean and renewable energy sources in Pennsylvania.

Recent Accomplishments

Expanding Rail Service with Battery Trains in PA
Speaker: Jordan Norley, Committee To Restore Rail Service to West Chester Borough
Date: Nov 20, 2023
Hosted by: PA Clean Transportation Team

Does your community have a section of deactivated passenger rail line? Or a section of fright-only line that could be used to extend a public transportation system? Electric-battery passenger trains could be a cost effective way to extend rail service or assess feasibility and acceptance of such a service.

Jordan Norley presents the Committee To Restore Rail Service to West Chester Borough's proposal to do just that using electric battery powered passenger trains from Railroad Development Corp's Metro Pop-Up division out of Pittsburgh. Nate Asplund from Railroad Development Corp is also be on the zoom.

Some quick interview responses from West Chester University & Cheyney University Could an electric-battery powered train be the solution for your community to extend passenger rail service at an affordable cost?

EV Fees: How Should EV Owners in PA Contribute To Highway Maintenance Funding?
Speaker: Max Turner, Organizer for The Electrification Coalition
Date: May 17, 2023
Hosted by: PA Clean Transportation Team

EV Fees video image





Max's slide deck (.pptx)

Max encourages everyone to reach out to your lawmakers to show support for pro-EV policies and to not support punitive EV fees using this link Pennsylvania, Don't Tax EV Owners Unfairly! (

Update on Federal Incentives for Electric Vehicles
Speaker:  Katherine Garcia, Director Sierra Club Clean Transportation For All
Date: Feb 23, 2023
Hosted by: Clean Transportation Team


The upcoming funding crisis for public transportation
Speaker:   Laura Chu Wiens, Pittsburghers for Public Transit
Date/Time: June 21, 2021
Hosted by: Clean Transportation Team

Description: Pennsylvania needs sustainable, long-term funding sources for public transit to support riders and transit workers that use and provide the lowest per-person carbon footprint method of transportation available: busses, trains, trolleys and shuttles for seniors.

Join Laura Chu Wiens, Executive Director of Pittsburghers For Public Transit and member of Governor Wolf's Transportation Revenue Options Commission, to learn about the new statewide coalition of transit riders, workers and advocates, called Transit For All PA! (website coming) -- and their Grassroots Transit Funding Platform. Funding sources for public transit need to be expanded and diversified. What are the options? 

Pennsylvania has large transit systems in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, medium-sized systems in cities like State College, Allentown, Erie, Lancaster, Scranton and Harrisburg, and shared-ride service for seniors and people with disabilities in every county of the state.  Transit is an urban and a rural issue; it is for people of all ages and abilities.  Transit funding matters to the entire state.

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PA Legislation



WATCH - (no Sierra Club position at this time)

  • SB 153 (Electric Trucks) Increased Maximum Weight Limit for Electric-Powered Trucks. House companion: HB 722 (Identical)
  • SB 435 (EV Infrastructure) Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act restructuring of electric utility industry, providing for transportation fueling infrastructure development. House Companion (co-sponsor memo): HCO1356
  • HB 948 (EV Infrastructure) Ensuring All Vehicles Pay for the Roads They Use. Further providing for definitions in liquid fuels and fuels tax, and providing for electric vehicle road use fee.

Not Yet Introduced

  • CO-SPONSOR MEMO Direct Sales Lawrence: Representative Lawrence will introduce direct-sales legislation that expands on Act 125, which permits only Tesla Motors to sell vehicles directly to the public. The legislation would allow other EV manufacturers to make direct sales as well.
  • ROTHMAN - Elimination of Alternative Fuel Tax on Electric Vehicles: Representative Rothman plans to introduce legislation that replaces the alternative fuel tax on EVs with an EV fee of $380 for noncommercial EVs and $450 for commercial EVs. The legislation aims to simplify the payment process and ensure that EV owners pay their share towards the Commonwealth’s transportation infrastructure.
  •  EV study bill: Representatives Rabb and Hanbidge are introducing a resolution directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the costs and benefits of EVs in Pennsylvania. This study bill will cover potential impacts of EVs on infrastructure, environment, employment, transportation, and economy in the state.
  •  ZEV Rulemaking: Under Governor Tom Wolf’s direction, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental (DEP) has begun drafting a proposed rulemaking that would amend the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program to establish a requirement for automakers to include light-duty electric vehicles as a percentage of their model offerings.
  • RGGI Investment Plan to include Transportation Electrification: DEP continues to lead that state’s rulemaking process. The EC joined a series of meeting related to the forthcoming investment plan, scoping out potential funding of program allocation dollars, some of which will likely include transportation electrification. The EC expects a draft version of the plan to release this Spring. 


  • Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All campaign is working to ensure that we all benefit from a 21st-century clean transportation system with access to cars, trucks, and buses that rely on little to no oil at all, as well as to clean public transit—and other local solutions—that centers equity and justice.

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