Air Quality Team

Fog settled in between dark green evergreen trees on a mountainside

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Mission : Ensure that local residents are aware of the quality of air they breathe. Support volunteers working to find locations and secure consent for air monitoring stations and help fund the installation of monitors where none are currently sited. Track PA and national legislation that affects air quality. Work to increase the web available air monitoring network in PA. Warn the public when the air is bad. Develop educational materials and the risks to public health for use by Group teams. Support Group teams working in this space.

2021 Priorites

  • Support/oppose PA legislation that impacts air quality

  • Educate about how to report about bad air incidents

  • Get more PurpleAir stations installed - be strategic

Meetings and Events

The SC/PA Air Quality Team meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month via video call. Look for "Chapter Air Qualiity Team Mtg" event on  our event calendar.


Recent Accomplishments

The Health Impacts of Air Pollution 

Speaker: Dr Richard Tolin
Date/Time:  July 8, 2021
Hosted by: Air Quality Team

 Description: Dr Richard Tolin will discuss the quantifiable and modifiable health impacts of air pollution and how individuals and policymakers can address mitigation.

Image credits: JT / The Environmental Blog on Flickr

Call To Action!

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PA Legislation

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  • xxx - OPPOSE

  • xxx - TRACKING


Air Quality Map for PA -

 monitors in PA

Go to for this interactive map

Contacts - Volunteer Interest

To ask a quesiton of the Air Quality Team, or learn how you can contribute to our team, submit this Volunteer Interest Form.

We are always looking for new volunteers. Join our next meeting (see Meetings & Events above) or connect our team leaders to learn how you can work on building our resource hub, organize to get more PurpleAir monitors on the map in PA, or tracking PA legislation that helps to improve air quality in Pennsylvania.

Blogs and Articles

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