Branches of a Movement Podcast

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Like branches on a tree, climate justice organizers are all connected within the fight for a cleaner, more just world. The Branches of a Movement Podcast seeks to honor the roots of climate justice advocacy while also emphasizing the connections that link climate action takers in the state of Pennsylvania. Join us as Pennsylvanian organizers come together to discuss their experiences within the movement and reflect on their journeys and contributions towards environmental freedom.

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Episode 1: Springing into Climate Justice

In the premiere episode of the Branches of a Movement podcast, Climate Organizer Randy Francisco, and Environmentalist Writer, Lindsay Christinee discuss their unique journeys into the climate justice movement, how their writing skills have contributed to climate education, and give advice to anyone interested in becoming involved themselves. 

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Read Lindsay’s publication, The Wellness Feed, dedicated to wellness and the eco-friendly scene.
Check out the Grassroots Power Building Team meetings on our Events Calendar.

Episode 2: Home is our Shelter from Storms

The HERE 4 Climate Justice Coalition is a Philadelphia based coalition dedicated to fighting for safe, healthy, affordable, fossil-free housing for all. Coalition members Emily Abendroth and Michelle Crouch join to talk about their coalition’s upcoming public launch and the connections between climate and housing justice. Tune in to hear more about Whole Home Repair and how community building has been monumental for their work.

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Check out the HERE 4 Climate Justice coalition website to read more about what they’re fighting for, sign up for their monthly newsletter, and more!
Visit the Philadelphia Rent Control Coalition's website where you can sign the petition supporting universal rent control in Philadelphia and get the latest updates on their work.

Episode 3: You Can Make a Difference

Episode 4: The Ripples of Climate Advocacy

Episode 5: Organizing Spirit Part 1

Episode 6: Organizing Spirit Part 2

Episode 7: Adapting to the Digital World