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Mission:  Contribute to a movement for climate action with a goal of 100% clean energy in PA centered on equity and framing the public vision as one where clean energy is necessary for healthy and safe communities, and by ensuring political power is in the hands of the people and not dirty industries. 

Promote clean energy through public education events (online solar tours and renewable choice in electric providers).  

Support state policies that promote investment in clean energy, efficiency, electrification of vehicles and buildings and that phase out the extraction and use of fossil fuels. 

Support Group teams (e.g. Ready For 100 teams) that are working in this space.


2022 Priorities

  1. Talk with state reps/senators to hear how we might promot clean energy in PA
  2. Community Solar is likely going to be blocked or stalled due to objections to RGGI
  3. Adoption of new UCC building code (PA is currently on ICC 2015, other states have adopted 2021 which has higher efficiency standards for buildings)
  4. Connect with Sunrise movement and find ways to collaborate and support their cause
  5. Ask a muni to pass an ordinance to stop natural gas in new development and construction as a test case prior to SB275 which would stop munis from blocking new natural gas hookups
  6. SC Call to Action to ask our legislators to not vote for SB275 (keep it from passing)

Meetings and Events

The SC/PA Clean Energy Team meets the 2nd Monday of each month via video call. Look for "Chapter Clean Energy Team Mtg" event on  our event calendar

Clean Energy For All/PA Monthly Organizing Calls are team building and training sessions hosted by our Clean Energy For All/PA staff - look for "Clean Energy for All PA Network Bimonthly Call" event on  our event calendar. Recording of the Feb, 2022 Clean Energy For All/PA organizing call.


Recent Accomplishments

Flagship Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mar, 2023 

Jeremy Taylor, Chief Sustainability Officer at SoMax Circular Solutions, will walk us through this first-in-the-US wastewater treatment plant in Phoenixville, PA that uses hydrothermal carbonization to produce a biofuel that can supply the energy needed to treat municipal wastewater with the potential to generate more energy than the treatment plant consumes.


Utility Scale Energy Storage, Feb, 2022 - Recording HERE

Our speaker: Scott Baker from PJM.  PJM operates the competitive wholesale electricity market and manages the high-voltage electricity grid for 13 states (including PA).  Scott talked about the status and outlook for utility-scale energy storage projects in PA and the region that will help smooth the variability of renewable energy production.

Sharp cost declines in energy storage technology, particular battery energy storage, combined with emerging opportunities to provide value to the electric power system have led to a sharp increase in the amount of energy storage being proposed to interconnect to the power grid.  Within the regional power system operated by PJM, which includes parts or all of 13 states plus the District of Columbia (including PA), over 34,000 MW of stand-alone energy storage and 22,000 MW of combined solar-storage hybrid resources have proposed to be interconnected.  This webinar will examine the role of energy storage in the PJM regional power grid, energy storage in Pennsylvania, as well as emerging opportunities for energy storage in a future decarbonized power grid. Find Scott's presentation here and the study he referenced: Energy Transition in PJM: Frameworks for Analysis

Solar for Everyone - Community Solar in Pennsylvania, July 2021

Speaker:  Henry McKay, Solar United Neighbors

 Description: What is Community Solar and how is it different from residential rooftop solar, utility-scale solar and purchasing renewable electricity from a 3rd party generator? How has it worked in other states? How could it work in Pennsylvania? What is the status of current Community Solar legislation in Pennsylvania and what can we expect in 2021? Solar United Neighbors is a national organization dedicated to representing the needs and interests of solar owners and clean energy supporters.

Call to Action!

  1. SC Call to Action to ask our legislators to not vote for SB275 (keep it from passing)

PA Legislation



H.B.989: (Climate Change, Carbon Pricing) An Act establishing the CO2 Budget Trading Program; providing for powers and duties of department; establishing the Energy Transition Fund; providing for revenue from sale of carbon allowances; establishing the Energy Transition Board; and providing for energy transition plan.



H.B.1555: (Community Solar) Community solar allows neighbors, businesses, farms, nonprofits and other community members to directly participate in and receive benefits from an offsite solar project connected to their local electric distribution company’s grid. Participants can subscribe to a portion of a solar project and receive credit on their electricity bill for the power produced, just as if the panels were on their roof. This program extends to all Pennsylvania residents and businesses the ability to acquire solar energy from a specific community solar project. It also gives citizens and businesses the choice to participate – there is no mandate for participation or request for state funding.  [Read more about this bill (.pdf)]




S.B.119:  (Climate Change, Carbon Pricing) An Act authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection to conduct a public comment process on and submit to the General Assembly a measure or action intended to abate, control or limit carbon dioxide emissions by imposing a revenue-generating tax or fee on carbon dioxide emissions. 

H.B637: (Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Carbon Pricing, Dirty Energy) An Act authorizing the Department of Environmental Protection to conduct a public comment process on and submit to the General Assembly a measure or action intended to abate, control or limit carbon dioxide emissions by imposing a revenue-generating tax or fee on carbon dioxide emissions.


S.B. 275  This bill would prohibit local governments from restricting or prohibiting utility connections based on the type of energy provided. In response to California cities banning gas hook ups in new construction, the American Gas Association is pushing back and working to ensure state legislatures across the country pass laws prohibiting these local bans. So far, four states have passed legislation to preempt local governments and similar legislation has been introduced in twelve other states, including SB 275 in Pennsylvania.  




S.B. 472: (Community Solar): An Act amending Title 66 (Public Utilities) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for community solar facilities.



H.B. 1358: (Electric Vehicles): “Ensuring All Vehicles Pay for the Roads They Use” Currently, owners of plug-in electric vehicles should be filing monthly statements with the PA Department of Revenue and remitting the alternative fuel tax for how much electricity their vehicle uses. However, most electric vehicle owners don’t do this because the process for remitting the alternative fuel tax is cumbersome, or they are unaware that they have to.  To simplify the process and ensure that plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners are paying their fair share, this bill will eliminate the alternative fuel tax on electricity for noncommercial vehicles and replace it with annual electric vehicle fees . [Read more about this bill (.pdf)]

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