Chapter Leadership

Our mission is to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

The Pennsylvania Chapter was organized in the early 1970s and officially opened its office doors in Harrisburg in 1983. Our 25,000 members are lead by an all-volunteer executive committee who drive the conservational, political, and organizational development of the Chapter as it seeks to reach the objectives of the Sierra Club mission.

Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) 

The Chapter is governed by an Executive Committee (ExCom) made up of volunteer leaders from across the state that helps provide strategic direction and organizational support. The ExCom is comprised of six at-large delegates elected by Sierra Club members statewide in Pennsylvania who serve 2 year terms (3 term max) and one delegate representing each local Group in Pennsylvania.

The Chapter ExCom meets quarterly and all Sierra Club members are welcome to attend. Check the Chapter Calendar for details. 

PA Group Map

2024 Executive Committee

At-Large Delegates:

  • Jeff Smith, term expires Dec 2024
  • Judy Tanner, term expires Dec 2024
  • Lisa Anzalone, term expires Dec 2024
  • Tom Au, term expires Dec 2025
  • Victoria Opthof-Cordaro , term expires Dec 2025
  • Jerene Good, term expires Dec 2025

Group Delegates:

  • Doug Mason, Moshannon Group
  • Fred Kraybill (acting), Allegheny Group
  • Justina Wasicek, Governor Pinchot Group
  • Matt MacConnell, Lehigh Valley Group
  • Dave Hemberger, Kittatinny Group
  • Tracy Daniels, Lancaster Group
  • Chuck Benson/Dean Eichen, Lake Erie Group
  • Jack Miller, North Central PA Group
  • David Calloway, Southeastern PA Group
  • Sharon Cuff, Northeast PA Group

See the Local Groups page for a map of Group regions.

Chapter Officers

Chapter officers are elected by the ExCom every year. 

  • Chair - Tracy Daniels/Jeff Smith - co-chairs
  • Vice Chair - 
  • Treasurer - Lisa Anzalone, Jerene Good (assistant)
  • Secretary - Mia Terra 
  • CCL Delegate - Jeff Smith, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (alt),  Judy Tanner (2nd Alt), Jerene Good (3rd Alt)
  • Group Advocate -  Matt MacConnell, Dave Hemberger (vc)
  • Compliance - Lisa Anzalone
  • Political Compliance - Lisa Anzalone,  Victoria Opthof-Cordaro

Chapter Committee Chairs

  • Steering Committee - Tracy Daniels, Jeff Smith, Matt MacConnell, Justina Wasicek,  Lisa Anzalone
  • Conservation Committee  - Tom Au, Jim Wylie (vc)
  • Political Committee - Dave Hemberger, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc),  Sharon Cuff (vc)
  • Outings Committee - David Calloway (co-chair), Meredith Nutting (co-chair), Dean Eichlen (vc)
  • Equity Committee - Rashida Lovely
  • Nominating Committee - Tom Au
  • Finance Committee - Tracy Daniels
  • Personnel Committee - Justina Wasicek, Dave Hemberger (vc)
  • Elections Committee - Jim Wylie, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)
  • Newsletter Chair - Sondra Moore, Chuck Benson (vc)
  • Fundraising Committee - open
  • Member Engagement - Jack Miller
  • Digital Tools Committee - Jim Wylie, Sharon Cuff (vc)
  • Structural Transition - 
  • Legislative Chair - Justina Wasicek, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)
  • Honors & Awards Chair - Judy Tanner, Justina Wasicek
  • Legal Committee Chair - Tom Au, Paul Burroughs (vc), Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)

To contact anyone on the Chapter ExCom, Chapter Officers or Committee Chairs, please Contact Us.

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