Solarize Delco!

By Melisa Romano, Secretary, Solarize DelCo 

In the heart of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a quiet revolution has been taking place, one that harnesses the power of the sun to illuminate not only rooftops, but also the lives of the community members. This movement, aptly named Solarize Delco, has its roots intertwined with the rich history of Southeast PA Solarize, but it has grown into a unique endeavor fueled by the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors.
Solarize Delco, a brainchild born from the original Southeast PA Solarize initiative, has become a beacon of hope and sustainability for residents, businesses, and nonprofits throughout Delaware County. The essence of this program lies in its commitment to making solar energy accessible to all, offering a free solar consulting service that empowers the community to take charge of their energy future.
At its core, Solarize Delco isn't just about solar panels and kilowatts; it's a story of unity and collaboration. Neighbors helping neighbors isn't just a catchy slogan—it's the driving force behind the program's success. The volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to Solarize Delco believe that a brighter, cleaner future can be achieved through collective efforts. These volunteers, many of whom are passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living, are the true heroes of this story, bridging the gap between technological innovation and the well-being of their community.
Since its inception, Solarize Delco has marked an impressive journey. Over the course of four years, the program has facilitated more than 90 solar installations across the county, adding over 600kW of solar to the grid. These installations not only reduce carbon footprints, but also alleviate energy costs for homeowners, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, the 30% federal credit is now also available for governments and nonprofits! It's a win-win scenario where environmental consciousness meets financial prudence.
One particularly shining example of Solarize Delco's impact can be found atop the Temple Lutheran Church in Havertown. The installation of a 45-kilowatt solar array there not only demonstrates the potential of solar energy on a larger scale, but also underscores the commitment of the community to uphold the values of sustainability and responsible energy consumption. The sun-soaked panels silently harness sunlight, turning it into a source of hope and inspiration for the churchgoers and passersby alike.
What sets Solarize Delco apart from other initiatives is the spirit of unity that drives it forward. It's more than a consulting service—it's a movement that encourages people to see beyond their individual needs and embrace the collective power of their actions. Through workshops, educational events, and personal consultations, Solarize Delco empowers individuals to become active participants in their own energy transformation journey. The organization can help homeowners not only own solar, but also offers a leasing and low income grant option, and can even answer questions on electric cars, heat pumps and going all-electric!
In a world where environmental concerns loom large and economic pressures are felt by all, Solarize Delco stands as a testament to the potential of community-driven change. It shows that with the right mix of passion, expertise, and collaboration, even the most ambitious goals can be achieved.
As the sun continues to rise over Delaware County, so too does the influence of Solarize Delco. It's a reminder that change begins at home, in our communities, and in the hearts of those who believe in a greener, more sustainable future. Through its dedication to neighborly support and accessible solar energy, Solarize Delco not only brightens rooftops, but also kindles the flame of hope for a better tomorrow.

Interested in Solar? Reach out to your local SEPA Solarize: Delco, West Chester, SouthEast PA (Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties), and Philly.

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