2024 PA Chapter Leadership

Written by Jim Wylie

On January 27 the Pennsylvania Executive Committee (ExCom) approved the results of the recent Volunteer Leader Elections and selected officers and committee chairs for 2024. Please welcome the following volunteer leaders as they contribute their time and talents to supporting our 10 Groups,  Chapter staff, and all of our Chapter initiatives.

Chapter At-Large Delegates (elected by PA members)

  • Tom Au, term expires Dec 2025
  • Victoria Opthof-Cordaro , term expires Dec 2025
  • Jerene Good, term expires Dec 2025
  • Jeff Smith, term expires Dec 2024
  • Judy Tanner, term expires Dec 2024
  • Lisa Anzalone, term expires Dec 2024

Note that Jerene Good has been appointed to serve Chris Shepherd's term. And Judy Tanner has been appointed to complete Don Miles term.

Chapter ExCom Officers

  • Co-Chair - Tracy Daniels, Jeff Smith
  • Treasurer - Lisa Anzalone, Jerene Good (assistant)
  • Secretary - Mia Terra
  • CCL Delegate - Jeff Smith, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (alt),  Judy Tanner (2nd Alt), Jerene Good (3rd Alt)
  • Compliance - Lisa Anzalone
  • Political Compliance - Lisa Anzalone,  Victoria Opthof-Cordaro
2024 PA Chapter Officers

Chapter Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

  • Steering - Tracy Daniels, Jeff Smith, Matt MacConnell, Justina Wasicek,  Lisa Anzalone
  • Group Advocate -  Matt MacConnell, Dave Hemberger (vc)
  • Conservation - Tom Au, Jim Wylie (vc)
  • Political - Dave Hemberger, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc), Ben Kennedy (vc), Sharon Cuff (vc)
  • Outings - David Calloway (co-chair), Meredith Nutting (co-chair), Dean Eichlen (vc)
  • Equity - Rashida Lovely
  • Nominating - Tom Au
  • Finance - Tracy Daniels
  • Personnel - Justina Wasicek, Dave Hemberger (vc)
  • Elections - Jim Wylie, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)
  • Newsletter - Sondra Moore, Chuck Benson (vc)
  • Fundraising - open
  • Member Engagement - Jack Miller
  • Digital Tools - Jim Wylie, Sharon Cuff (vc)
  • Legislative - Justina Wasicek, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)
  • Honors & Awards - Judy Tanner, Justina Wasicek
  • Legal - Tom Au, Paul Burroughs (vc), Victoria Opthof-Cordaro (vc)

Please give your support to these volunteers for what is sure to be an exciting year of political, conservation and outdoor activity. If you are interested in contributing or learning more about any of these roles, contact Tracy or Jeff via the Contact Us page on the PA Chapter website. You can also find the current list of leaders on the Chapter Leadership page.

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