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Make your Sierra Club membership more powerful by becoming a Kansas Sierra Club activist.


Like the rest of the Club, Kansas Sierra Club is governed and informed by volunteers. Our volunteers do everything - fundraising, developing legislative priorities, endorsing legislative candidates, developing policy positions on conservation issues, producing a monthly newsletter, and maintining our website. Want to get more involved? Contact us

You can be an effective activist without spending much time. If you only have a few hours a month to give, make those hours powerful. 

The Branches of the Club

Sierra Club is a national, volunteer-based organization with more than 60 chapters nationwide, including one Kansas chaper divided into five geographic groups.

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Kansas Groups

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 Group activities vary around the state, reflecting the local environmental issues and volunteer resources.

Flint Hills – Manhattan area
Kanza – Johnson & Wyandotte County (Kansas City area) and Northeast Kansas
Southwind – Wichita Area
Topeka – Topeka area
Wakarusa – Lawrence area

Local Events & Meetings

Along with outings, individual groups of the Kansas Sierra Club typically have regular gatherings once a month throughout the year. National Sierra Club policies developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic have limited in-person contacts and introduced us to Zoom.  Zoom meetings are free and open to the public. For security reasons, we do not publish Zoom links. Meetings require advance registration and the Zoom link is emailed to registrants, usually on the day of the meeting. All events and outings are listed on our calendar and highlighted  in Waypoints, our monthly e-newsletter.

Kansas Sierra Club is Your Watchdog

We are the legislative and regulatory watchdog for our Kansas Sierra Club members. We were founded in 1975 by active Club members who realized the environment needed a strong voice in the state government.

We’re based around the state and have a small but dedicated volunteer staff of leaders, advocates and organizers, and we spend our time advancing the interests of the state’s five groups and our thousands of members and supporters.

We fight for the environment every day. If you’ve ever spent any time in a state capitol, or if you follow politics, you know that there are big, well-financed interests who don’t care abouut protecting our lands, water, and wildlife. They may pay lip service to environmental ideals, but they play hardball. They hire expensive, well-connected lobbyists, contribute to campaigns and dark money PACs, to influence legislators to vote against the environment.

You are Powerful

Public interest groups, including the Sierra Club, simply can’t match the financial clout of the din the Capitol. But we can, and do, have another weapon that can work wonders: our members and supporters.

When you write letters, send emails and make calls to push legislators and regulators and the governor to do the right thing, decision makers often listen. They care about what Club members think. Sometimes democracy really works in Kansas.

You can increase the Club’s power.

Subscribe to our Legislative Update list. The Kansas Sierra Club is the only organization with a full-time lobbyist in Topeka, working on environmental issues You may be asked to call, write or email your state senator and representative when we send out an alert.

Join SierraKan. SierraKan is a group of Sierra Club citizen lobbyists committed to informing state legislators about environmental, public health and sustainability challenges, advocating for science-based decision-making, and organizing resistance to unfair and inequitable public policy. The Goal – to expand the Club’s capacity to influence decision-making on environmental policy and provide leadership for member engagement in targeted efforts with State Legislators. Yes, We Can!