Democracy = We, the People

Democracy is about us, all of us.  We elect officials to represent us.  The democratic process only works if we tell our legislators what we stand for. It's up to us to be informed and speak out. 

Our new Google Group is called SierraKan because we are dedicated environmental activists who can make a difference in Kansas. SierraKan establishes a group of volunteer citizen lobbyists who are committed to:

  • Keeping Kansas legislators informed about environmental, public health and sustainability challenges in our state;
  • Advocating for environmentally-friendly decisions based on science and Sierra Club policies; and
  • Organizing constituent resistance to public policy which is inconsistent with principles of fairness and equity for everyone.

The Goal - to expand the Club’s capacity to influence decision-making on environmental policy and provide leadership for member engagement in targeted efforts with state Legislators

Volunteers should work directly or indirectly with their state senator and representative. Find your legislators.

Volunteer responsibilities:

  • Develop a personal relationship with your legislators and their staff by introducing yourself at public meetings, signing up for their newsletters, writing letters or making phone calls on issues , and responding to their requests for information;
  • Telll our lobbyist and fellow Sierra Club voluunters about your interactions with legislators.

I'm in! Sign me Up

Your membership and support for the Kansas Sierra Club are needed now more than ever!

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