Southwind Group

Native American, Keeper of the Plains, Wichita KS

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The geographic area of the Southwind Group is by far the largest, from Emporia in eastern Kansas and from Salina to Hays in western Kansas, south to the Oklahoma border. The much-beleaguered Arkansas River (a/k/a The Ark River) runs through Wichita, the largest city in Kansas and home to Wichita State University. Southwind leaders are focused primarily on keeping Wichita sustainable by improving tree canopy and reducing single use plastics. The boundaries of the Southwind Group, like all of Kansas, encompass part of the ancestral lands of the Osage Nation, including the southern part of the Flint Hills.

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Southwind Group Leaders.

Group Officers (elected by the group executive committee)

Southwind Group Chair
Lori Lawrence (she/her)
KS Lori Lawrence
Contact Lori

: Harold Schlechtweg 

Secretary: Erin DeGroot

Treasurer: Yvonne Cather

Group Executive Committee (elected by group members)
Yvonne Cather (Wichita) (2023-2024)
Debra Dees (Wichita) (2021-2022)
Erin DeGroot (Wichita) (2021-2022)
Lori Lawrence (Wichita) (2022-2023)
Felix Revello (Larned) (2022-2023)
Kent Rowe (Wichita) (2022-2023)
Harold Schlechtweg (Wichita) (2022-2023)

Every year the group executive committee elects one of its members to serve as a voting member of the chapter executive committee.

Chapter Delegate
Felix Revello (he/him)
KS Felix Revello
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Chapter Delegate Alternate: Debra Dees

Southwind Group Nominations Committee
Chair: Yvonne Cather - Contact Yvonne
outhwind ExCom member Harold Schlechtweg, non-ExCom member Jennifer Connelly