Featured Waypoint: Old Runnymede Marker

Old Runnymede Marker
Photo by Harold Draper, Kansas Chapter, Old Runnymede Historical Marker

BY HAROLD DRAPER, Kansas Chapter ExCom

This historical marker is located on Kansas Route 2 in Harper County. In 1885 Ned Turnly of County Antrim, Ireland, established a town at the Harper-Kingman County Line. Eventually a church, hotel, grocery store, and post office were at the site. When Turnly left in 1892, the buildings were moved to other locations. The church was moved to Harper and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Are you wondering why "Runnymede" sounds familiar? That might depend on whether you paid attention in your history class. Runnymede is a meadow not far from London, England, where in 1215, King John placed his seal on Magna Carta, which later became a source of historical precedent for the framers of the our Declaration of Independence.  

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