Wakarusa Group

Protesters with signs at Lawrence Climate Strike

Photo by Sierra Club Kansas Chapter, Lawrence, Kansas Climate Strike 

Named for the Wakarusa River, this Group's geographic area is the smallest in the Kansas Chapter, sandwiched between the Kanza and Topeka Groups and two rivers. Lawrence, home of the University of Kansas, was founded by anti-slavery activists in the mid-1800’s and is the most environmentally progressive city in Kansas. Haskell Indian Nations University, originally one of the federal boarding schools for Native American children, is located near the Baker University Wetlands south of town. On the north side of town, the Kansas River (a/k/a the Kaw) provides local recreational opportunities and water quality challenges. The area, like all of Kansas, occupies part of the ancestral lands of the Osage Nation.

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Wakarusa Group Leaders

Group Officers (elected by the group executive committee)

Wakarusa Group Chair: Nancy Muma
woman with black jacket
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Vice-Chair: Margaret Kramar

Secretary: Connie Stoker (non-voting)

Treasurer: Tad Kramar

Group Executive Committee (elected by group members)

Kathleen Harned (Lawrence) (2023-2024)
Margaret Kramar (Lecompton) (2022-2023)
Nancy Muma (Lawrence) (2023-2024)
Tad Kramar (Lecompton) (2022-2023)
Dawn Hawkins (Lawrence) (2023-2024)

Every year the group executive committee elects one of its members to serve as a voting member of the chapter executive committee.

Chapter Delegate
Nancy Muma (she/her)
white woman, black jacket,  head shot
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Chapter Delegate Alternate
Kathleen Harned
white woman with blue eyes and strawberry blond hair
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Wakarusa Group Nominations Committee
Chair: Margaret Kramar - Contact Margaret

Wakarusa ExCom member Tad Kramar, non-ExCom member Cpnnie Stoker