Chapter and Group Elections

2023 Chapter and Group Election Schedule

• July 5 (Wednesday) - Candidate Applications Accepted
• August 22 (Tuesday) - Candidate Applications Deadline
• August 26 (Saturday) - Candidates and ExCom Notified of Official Nominees
• September 11 (Monday) - Petition Deadline for Rejected Candidates and Supporters*

• October 2 (Monday) - Paper Ballots  Mailed** and Digital Ballots Emailed
• November 10 (Friday) - Ballot Return Deadline (Ballots must be received by midnight)
• November 11 (Saturday) - Ballot Counting

*A rejected candidate may submit the Candidate Petition form before the deadline. If 15 current chapter members submit the Petition Candidate Support form for that candidate before the deadline, the candidate’s name will be placed on the ballot. If the candidate is running for a group ExCom, the supporters must be assigned to the candidate’s group.

**August 14 - Postcards will be mailed to members not signed up for email explaining that they must sign up for email or request a paper ballot by September 20 or they will not receive a ballot.

ExCom Candidate Application

ExCom Candidate Petition

ExCom Candidate Petition Support Form

Group Nominations

Flint Hills Group Nominations Committee

Contact Group Chair Scott Smith

Kanza Group Nominations Committee

Chair: John Neuberger - Contact John
Kanza ExCom member Mimi Moffat, non-ExCom member Janet Lhuillier

Southwind Group Nominations Committee

Chair: Yvonne Cather - Contact Yvonne
Southwind ExCom member Harold Schlechtweg, non-ExCom member Jennifer Connelly

Topeka Group Nominations Committee

Chair: Chris Hamilton - Contact Chris
Topeka ExCom member Ramon Powers, non-ExCom member Katherine Hamilton

Wakarusa Group Nominations Committee

Chair: Margaret Kramar - Contact Margaret
Wakarusa ExCom member Tad Kramar, non-ExCom member Connie Stoker





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