The Role of the KCC

blue sky and clouds, transmission lines in open fields

Photo by Paul on Pexels

Formed in 1883 as the Railroad Commission, reorganized as the Public Utilities Commission in 1911, the agency gained additional regulatory authority in 1933 as the Kansas Corporation Commission. The KCC now has five main divisions: Administration, Conservation, Utilities, Transportation, and Energy. Sierra Club's work focuses on the KCC as the state regulator for Energy and Utilities.

The mission of the Energy Division is to promote energy conservation and efficiency in Kansas and to serve as a clearinghouse for information on alternative energy and other energy topics. 

The Utilities Division establishes and regulates rates for public utilities, including electricity, natural gas, liquid pipeline, and telecommunications. The Division also houses the pipeline safety program, and administers the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) through a third party administrator pursuant to K.S.A. 66-2008 to 66-2010.

Utilities subject to KCC Jurisdiction
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