3 hikers with backpacks in woods

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Meet new people and
enjoy the great outdoors.

Whatever your interests - backpacking, canoeing, or birdwatching - there is an outing for everyone. If you are new to the area, let your Chapter or Group show you around.

Join us today and become part of America’s largest environmental organization with the most enjoyable outings.

Open to Sierra Club members and non-members alike, outings reflect our shared love of the outdoors and the Kansas Chapter’s commitment to making your outdoor experience safe, educational and fun.

Look through our schedule of upcoming outings and join us!  And check out the Sierra Club Kansas City Area Club Outings Group on Meetup for events co-sponsored by our Kanza Group and the Missouri Chapter's Thomas Hart Benton Group. 


National Sierra Club Outings

Sierra Club leaders can find National Outings Policies in Campfire

Learn about Backpacking classes and Kanza/Thomas Hart Benton Gear Library (Waypoints,  April 2022)

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