Flint Hills Group

 dirt road through green fields

Photo by Alan Bauman, Kansas Chapter Executive Committee, National Scenic Stone Byways in the Flint Hills

The geographic area of this Group spans the northern part of the relatively dry Flint Hills grasslands to the Kansas River, including the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and the Konza Prairie. The largest city Manhattan is located on the Kansas River, home to Kansas State University and the Flint Hills Learning Center. Maintaining healthy prairie ecosystems and waterways in conjunction with current industrial agricultural practices is a focus of this group. Like all of Kansas, this area is part of the ancestral lands of the Osage Nation.The geographic area of this group spans the Flint Hills, home to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. The largest city is Manhattan. 

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Flint Hills Leaders

Group Officers (elected by the group executive committee)

Flint Hills Group Chair
J. Scott Smith (Manhattan)
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Executive Committee (elected by group members)
Larry Erickson (Manhattan) (2023-2024)
Bill Heatherman (Manhattan) (2022-2023)
J. Scott Smith (Manhattan) (2022-2023)
Gerry Snyder (Manhattan) (2023-2024)
Adrian Walker (Manhattan) (2022-2023)

Each year the group executive committee elects one of their members to serve as a voting member of the chapter executive committee.

Chapter Delegate
Gerry Snyder
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