Are You a Sierra Club Changemaker?

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Photo by, licensed by Creative Commons Zero - CC0

BY MIMI MOFFAT, Kansas Chapter Nominations Chair

Your Sierra Club leadership download is right here on our ExCom Candidate ApplicationWe're looking for Sierra Club members with administrative and organizational skills. Expertise in environmental issues is desirable but willingness to learn and intellectual curiosity are equally welcome.

The Kansas Chapter is almost 50 years old. We are not your grandpa's club. The Sierra Club is a 501(c)(4) California corporation with more than 60 chapters and millions of members and supporters. Chapters and groups do not operate independently. The Board of Directors establishes policies and procedures by which chapters are bound, and the chapters, in turn, oversee the activities and finances of their groups. Raising money and overseeing chapter finances are critical components of chapter leadership. 

 We want you to volunteer, but seriously, this is not an easy ask. Being an effective ExCom member means more than exchanging views with like-minded environmentalists. Are you willing to spend a good chunk of your free time serving as an unpaid adminstrator or organizer?

What's in it for you? You will have the honor of being a leader in the oldest and most effective grassroots environmental organization in the country. We have outstanding environmental lawyers, lobbyists, staff, and volunteers who labor tirelessly nationwide to affirm our long standing vision of a just, equitable, and sustainable future built on a foundation of racial, economic, and gender equity–where all people benefit from a healthy, thriving planet and a direct connection to nature. 

Sierra Club is like cilantro; it's not for everyone. Your herb preferences are private and we don't discriminate. But whether or not cilantro tastes like soap or citrus to you, give Sierra Club a chance. And if you're not sure, have questions, or if you want to walk to someone, I'm here,

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