2022 Topeka Candidate Statements

Green ballot box for Kansas Sierra Club

Hansen, Renae
I’m a lifetime environmentalist who has encouraged energy efficiency and promoted the well-being of the earth my entire life. I was an endorsed sierra club state legislature candidate twice. I have worked on the legislative energy and utilities committee (7 years). My husband and I are both energy efficiency promoters & 5 years ago put in solar on our farm in SE Shawnee county as a way to reduce our carbon footprint. As I am in my final third of life I am looking for ways that I can help promote the sustainability of earths habitat and the sierra club meets that criteria. Please consider me for this local advisory board position. I currently reside on the 4-H program development committee & the FFA Shawnee Heights advisory board. I am a former Shawnee Heights school board member.

Hamilton, Katherine
My concern for the environment and wildlife has grown to the point that I see it as a priority in my life, comparable to my concern for and commitment to my grandchildren. I want to do what I can to raise public awareness of issues related to protecting our planet, and help people understand the actions they can take and the sacrifices that may be required of us, to create a sustainable world.

Davis, Evelyn
There are so many environmental issues to be concerned about in these times ranging from over consumption and population to climate change. My personal opinion is nothing else really matters unless we reduce our carbon emissions so reducing greenhouse gases is my priority issue.

Powers, Ramon
I believe it is important to support and sustain local groups seeking to protect the

Blas, Elise
Individual actions can add up to group actions. Group actions can lead to great
change, in this case, challenging the larger community to take small, important
steps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Citizens must demand action from
corporations--we are not replacement consumers, we are people and can make
less waste.

Hamilton, Chris
I am working on educational programs and presentations.

Jordan, Orion
Protecting the environment is not a “cause”, it is a matter of survival.