2022 Wakarusa Candidate Statements

Green ballot box for Kansas Sierra Club

Hawkins, Dawn
I am an ongoing Sierra Club member and long time advocate for the environment. I want to contribute at the local level by working on projects to educate and bring awareness to the public on environmental issues, and to encourage Kansans to get out there and enjoy our beautiful ecosystems and wildlife.

Harned, Kathleen
My business development and management background provide a strong basis for presentation skills, education, and resourcefulness in finding solutions. As a current member of the Wakarusa Executive Committee, I implemented a project utilizing a local group of apprentice artist youth to create signs to remind customers to “Bring Your Own Bag” for local grocery stores. I contributed to a white paper on single-use plastic to be used on the Sierra Club website. I have been involved with community awareness programs regarding Evergy, the need to close Kansas coal plants and improve Evergy’s energy efficiency program. I have served on the Kansas Chapter Election Committee and I look forward to continuing to serve on the Kansas Chapter Zero Waste Committee and the Education Committee.

Muma, Nancy
I am happy to continue to be the chairperson, organizer and point person for the Wakarusa Group. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this talented, friendly and dedicated group of environmentalists. I look forward to achieving our goals for the local community and building our momentum.