Kanza Event: Metro KC Transit Plans

November 15, 7 p.m.  | RSVP for Zoom Link

East-West Transit Study and Streetcar Extensions

The Kansas City Transportation Authority (KCATA) along with several project partners is conducting a study to evaluate an east-west, high-capacity transit connection between the University of Kansas Health System and Rock Island Corridor / Truman Sports Complex. This presentation will give an overview of the East-West study as well as provide information on the future of the streetcar in Kansas City.


  • Mira Felzien (KCATA) (will be presenting on EW transit study): Mira recently graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and a Master’s in Urban Planning. She began working at the KCATA as a planner in September and is excited to keep exploring Kansas City!
  • Lauren Krutty (Streetcar) (will be presenting on streetcar extensions): Lauren an AICP certified planner and has served as the Kansas City Streetcar Authority’s Planning and Operations Manager for a year and a half. Lauren also studied at the University of Kansas, specializing in Transportation and Sustainable Land Use.