Featured Waypoint: Keystone Oil Spill

The area impacted by the pipeline rupture and subsequent oil discharge into Mill Creek near Washington, Kansas | U.S. EPA
US EPA | Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill near Washington, Kansas


Kansas got an early holiday present last month from TC Energy - 14,000 barrels of crude oil dumped in a creek in Washington County. The GAO reports that the Keystone Pipeline has had 22 previous accidents since its inception in 2010 and the most recent spills were dramatically more severe.

Sierra Club and its allies have spent years fighting construction and expansion of oil pipelines because the worsening of the climate crisis makes the need to abandon fossil fuels imperative and immediate.

Here's the key fact about Keystone and every other pipeline.

Pipelines always break and when they do, the environmental costs are incalculable. 

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