Featured Waypoint: Dodge City Feedlots

Dodge City, KS scenic overlook sign, blue skies and amber grasses overlooking vast cattle feedlkots
Scenic overlook, Dodge City, Kansas Cattle Feedlot / Photo by Elaine Giessel

By Elaine Giessel, Chair, Sierra Club Kansas Chapter

Commodities and myths merge at the "Scenic Overlook" east of Dodge City. It is worth a stop simply because it sums up the current state of Kansas and reminds us why the Kansas Sierra Club continues to fight concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), opposes industrial agriculture, and supports regenerative practices.

The rest area is adjacent to a Koch ammonia fertilizer plant. Below are acres of dusty feedlots, situated above the dry, sandy bed of the Ark River, National Beef Packing Company, and Wyatt Earp Boulevard.

Dodge City cattle feedlot
Dodge City Cattle Feedlot / Photo by Elaine Giessel

The stench of the stockyards permeates the air -- the smell of money comes with flies. Cattle and cowboys still rule as far away as Topeka.

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