Does Your HOA Support Rooftop Solar?


man holding solar panel on house roof
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By Alan Bauman, Sierra Club Kansas Legislative Chair

Your Sierra Club has long been a supporter of roof top solar.  These units are critical to our fight against climate change.  Thanks to the Biden Administration's Inflation Reduction Act, a 30% tax credit is available for solar roof top installation.

Are you a Kansas Sierra Club member whose Homeowner Association prevented you from installing solar panels on your home's roof? Missouri and Texas have recognized the problem with these anti-environmental rules and have passed laws to ban HOA solar roof top prohibitions.

In order to pass similar legislation in Kansas, the Sierra Club needs your help. Kansas has thousands of Homeowner Associations and we have no easy way to know which ones have rooftop solar restrictions.

Have you or someone you know  

  • been formally denied a permit to install roof top solar, or
  • not installed roof top solar because their HOA has language prohibiting roof top solar, or
  • those who have been informally denied by any other HOA official or mechanism?

I am leading the effort to pass this legislation in Topeka. Please use this link to share your story and I will contact you promptly.

Many thanks to those who assist us!