Featured Waypoint: Christmas Tree Choices, Better or Worse?

Evergreen tree outdoors
Western Red Cedar,  Photo by Jim Robbins, North Carolina State Extension

Some of us choose to mark the December season with a popular symbol of Christmas, a tree that can be draped with lights, tinsel, ornaments, and surrounded with gifts.

The choices for trees are many and their respective environmental impacts differ. 

Maybe you want the convenience of an artificial tree made of plastic which can't be recycled. Will you keep it for a long time or will you replace it in a year or two so that it ends up in your local landfill?

You may prefer a real tree but if you travel a long distance to find it, your carbon footprint is large. You could take it to your local post-holiday tree pickup where it will be recycled into mulch or maybe it will be placed in your back yard to shelter wildlife.