Kansas Outings: Explore, Enjoy, Protect Our Waterways

men and women wearing life jackets in canoes at river bank
Kansas Chapter members on the Kansas River / Richard Voss

By Mimi Moffat, Kansas Chapter Fundraising Chair

Sierra Club was founded 130 years ago to organize outings for the enjoyment and protection of California mountains and wilderness.  We can't organize mountain outings in Kansas but we could sponsor outings on our waterways. The photograph of the canoes on the Kaw is an example of what might be possible if we can build a strong Kansas outings program.

So why would outings be a priority for us? It's all about our motto - explore, enjoy, protect.  Protecting water quality is a key priority for us. We educate, advocate, and litigate to advance that goal. We can explore and enjoy our waterways and in doing so, we can better understand why and how we must protect them.

You can help the Kansas Chapter as we start to imagine how to build our Outings Program.

Lake Perry is one of the most popular places in Kansas for outdoor aquatic recreation. Have you ever visited Lake Perry? Would you be interested in Sierra Club outings there? Please share your experiences with us. Email me - sierraclubks@gmail.com -  and we will contact you for details.