Sierra Club is the largest and most enduring grassroots environmental advocacy organization in the nation.


Our motto: Explore, Enjoy & Protect the Planet. 

 We support local service and nature outings, educate the public on the myriad pressing issues stemming from the climate emergency, plastic pollution crisis and collapse of biodiversity.  We advocate for bold systemic changes at the local and state level for a just and equitable transition from dirty fossil fuels to 100% Clean Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, and Clean Transportation for all while protecting our air, water, land & wildlife for future generations!

How are we organized?

We are One Club. One tax id. One volunteer board of directors and president.  Each sub entity is governed by an Executive Committee.  As one of over 60 chapters nationwide, the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter has an Executive Committee composed of 6 at large members and 1 delegate from each of the 10 chartered Local Groups.  Each Local Group has its own Executive Committee.  Annual elections are for 2 year terms.  Sierra Student Coalition is student-run groups generally organized at individual schools and follow school’s rules about student group organization.  We have both issue oriented and action oriented teams depending on what your interests and skills are, we are sure you will find a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

What does Sierra Club Maryland volunteer advocacy look like?  

It depends on the needs and the volunteer capacity for each of our Conservation Campaigns in the state. The Chapter promotes awareness and action in local and statewide conservation issues to support environmental stewardship by individuals, communities, and governmental agencies. As a grassroots advocacy and lobbying organization, the Sierra Club engages in politics in order to elect environmental champions and pass legislation to meet the demands of the climate emergency!

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