Get Outdoors


Getting outdoors benefits not only our mental and physical health, but even the health of our society. We believe that all people benefit from exploring and enjoying our forests, wetlands, rivers, from the mountains of western Maryland to the Chesapeake and Atlantic shores. 

Sierra Club outings are conducted by trained Sierra Club outings leaders and are open to all those who are interested, members and non-members alike. Each outing is intended to be a wholesome, safe, and enjoyable experience outdoors to allow a greater appreciation, respect and desire to protect the natural world around us. 



Check the calendar for a list of outings
 Expect to see these points addressed when you register for outings:
  • Bring your gear including weather appropriate attire such as sunscreen, hat, proper footwear, food, water, repellent, personal medical items. 

  • Children capable of hiking for 3-4 miles or the distance of the outing are commonly welcome but please double check with the leader.

  • Many outings prohibit pets. 

  • Restrooms are usually at the trailhead.