Get Involved

What makes the Sierra Club such a unique organization?

Ordinary people make up the Sierra Club, which is based on principles of democracy.  Sierra Club members and supporters enjoy, explore, and protect the planet.  Getting active with us means protecting the places we love and helping others to do the same. This makes our organization unique among environmental organizations in the US.

As a citizen-led organization, we offer many ways to get involved. The simplest is to become a member of the Sierra Club. Your membership in the national Sierra Club automatically enrolls you in the Maryland Chapter and in your local Group. Our ever-increasing numbers give us ever-increasing influence in elections and in public awareness.

Your membership dues ($15 minimum) support our advocacy and communications efforts. Any additional donations further increase our effectiveness. You can also choose to make a tax-deductible donation to the Sierra Club Foundation, or donate directly to the Sierra Club Political Action Committee, to affect our elected leadership.

However, the most valuable gift you can give is your time. Even a moment can make a difference.

  1. Respond to a call for action: it only takes the click of a mouse to add your signature to a petition or email your legislator, for example.
  2. Volunteer for a few hours or a day. Learn about our Campaigns to protect our natural resources and to influence our government, then join us to make it happen! Plan to attend a workshop, gather at a rally, or visit your elected representatives. You can find out the latest information during the legislative session on the Maryland Legislature page. Don't forget to sit in (or phone in) when your local Group meets next (check our Events Calendar).
  3. Make the Sierra Club an ongoing part of your life. Serve on a Chapter Committee or run for a position on the Executive Committee; contact your local Group to see what assistance they need. Most local Groups can accept new members onto their Executive Committees at any time during the year, to serve the remainder of the year. Volunteers are always welcome at the Chapter Office. Students are invited to apply for internships with the Chapter, which may qualify for college credit. The Maryland Chapter also periodically has job openings.

Finally, one of the best ways to get involved with the Sierra Club is to get outside with us. Check the Outings Calendar for activities that appeal to you. Consider becoming an outings leader by taking our training course and first aid classes.

Have an idea that isn't mentioned here? Just contact the office by email or call 301-277-7111.