Maryland Sierra Film Club

Welcome to MD Sierra Film Club in partnership with Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital and their Frog symbol

During the height of the Covid epidemic, The Maryland Sierra Club started a Film Club.  It was an interactive program for the reflection, inquiry, and exploration of the forces shaping our environment and the promotion of good and just stewardship of our natural resources.  The program is currently on hiatus, but you can watch the movies and panels at the archived links below.

Film Archive

Movie Panel Archive


Watch Now  Film Archive - Stream hundreds of environmental films

Access DCEFF’s impressive and ever-expanding archive of over 300 films - from shorts to features.   The DCEFF archive hosts all films that have participated in the Environmental Film Festival since 1993, with over 70 films being from 2020 alone. Most films are completely free of charge and ready for streaming. The remainder may require a small fee for the usage of the streaming platform (i.e. Amazon prime, Vimeo, TubiTV, Apple TV, etc.)

Curated Playlists for each environmental campaign

DCEFF curates dynamic playlists that specifically highlight those key issues Sierra Club Maryland Chapter currently focuses on. From Beyond Coal to MD Legislation, our playlists offer films that showcase the key issues that fuel our campaigns.  Take a look at the playlists DCEFF recommends for you!

frog with film coming out of mouth

Archive of Past Film Panels

The battle for Turkey CreekCome Hell or High Water - Feb 15, 2022 Passcode .d8V%jm+

Clean energy revolution is now with windmill in backgroundDear President Obama - Jan 13, 2022 Passcode 58hip6!L

Man holding small plant in plug of dirtFarmscape Ecology - Nov 17, 2021 Passcode Ta%p209u

helicopter in smogThe Age of Consequences - Oct 13, 2021 Passcode .Bq8*Sh@

group of people in front of busMD Sierra Film Club Hispanic Heritage Month  En Nuestras Manos - Sept 15, 2021 Passcode: 0KKr6Z*@
two men in hardhats outside to fight firesWildland Panel with Maryland Fire Crew - Aug 18, 2021 Password 97YBMUJ=

Man observing concentrated solar installationHappening, A Clean Energy Revolution Youth Panel - July 20, 2021 Password TR+..4Iw

LGBTQ hikersVenture Out Discussion - June 22, 2021 Password q+i#pXr3

Black family in a carDriving While Black Discussion - May 12, 2021 Password !&9=+Xuv

pollinators under pressurePollinators under Pressure Discussion - April 13, 2021 Password *5p2sEmA

collage of cool filmsOur Partners from DCEFF held their annual Film Festival, this year in an all-virtual format, from March 18-28.  Links to selected panels below.



Man paddles in bayPower of the Paddle Panel Discussion - March 10,2021 Password 2UX$k#+a


 smokestacks spewing smokeFrom the Ashes Panel Discussion - February 10, 2021 Password +pqK4e^z

boxes of plastic junkPlastic Wars Panel Discussion - December 17, 2020 Password Yqh4ujf$

river over banks with treesHigh Tide in Dorchester Panel Discussion - November 11, 2020 Access Passcode: =Y*z$Yu6

green hands with sun behindGeneration Green New Deal Panel Discussion - October 21, 2020  Access Passcode: 1Te!69vZ

the fight for healthy air with smoke in backgroundUnbreathable Panel Discussion - September 16, 2020  Access Passcode: co0Csh@Y

world with an oil rig spewing black smokeBlowout Panel Discussion - August 19, 2020  Access Password: O.H2E$