Building Electrification

building electrification

Transitioning Maryland households and buildings from gas to electric space heating and appliances is essential for achieving our state’s legislatively-enacted climate goal  reducing emissions by 60% by 2031 (from 2006 levels) and reaching net zero emissions by 2045. 

Combustion of fossil fuels in the buildings sector is responsible for 13% of Maryland’s greenhouse gas emissions, while buildings consume 90% of the electricity used in Maryland. 

The combustion of fossil fuels in buildings also releases other noxious pollutants that are harmful to human health. Poor ventilation can exacerbate health impacts and is most common in lower income housing, often alongside other hazards such as lead, mold and asbestos. 

Countless commercial businesses are currently hooked up to the gas distribution system, and Maryland households rely heavily on burning fossil fuels for heating. (more information here)

Decarbonization of the building sector, with a prioritization of building energy efficiency and electrification pathways, is essential to achieving mid-century climate commitments. 

This begins with halting incentives to expand the gas distribution system, eliminating gas in new construction, and phasing out gas-fired appliances, while ensuring that low-income customers are able to affordably transition off the gas system.

We envision a holistic whole-healthy-home approach to reducing pollution from our buildings to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve air quality, and address mold, asbestos, lead and other health hazards while decreasing energy burden.

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