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Tell Your Legislators: Support the Transportation and Climate Alignment Act

Photo of on backpack person taking bike and  people boarding MTA light rail link

Tell your legislators: When Maryland plans future transportation projects, they should align with the state’s goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions 60% by 2031 and reduce vehicle travel in order to protect our environment, mitigate traffic congestion, and improve mobility.

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Support the Maryland Bottle Bill to Reduce Litter and Plastic Pollution, and Increase Recycling

Heron standing on a pile of trash on a river.

Support the Maryland Bottle Bill, HB 735/SB 642, to  increase recycling, conserve resources, and reduce litter, plastic pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Reform EmPOWER to Achieve Maryland's Climate Goals!

Light blue graphic reading, EmPOWER 2024, Updating EmPOWER is essential to achieving Maryland's climate goals.

By reforming the program during the 2024 legislative session, we can ensure that EmPOWER delivers on its promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and align with the state's climate goals. To win this year, we need YOU to lift your voice and let your legislators and communities know why this important issue matters to you.

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Let’s Electrify Maryland: Pass the Better Buildings Act

building electrification

Now is a crucial moment for building electrification in Maryland. This year, the General Assembly is considering the Better Buildings Act (SB1023/HB1279), which would require electrification of space and hot water heating in new buildings. 

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Support HB457 to Require a Chain Of Custody Of Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf rolls next to dumpster.

Synthetic turf fields have an 8-10 year average lifetime and produce a large volume of waste, much of it toxic. An average synthetic turf sport field of 80,000 square feet is comprised of 40,000 pounds of mixed plastic turf and 400,000 pounds of infill – usually tire waste and silica sand. In   volume, this amounts to 400 cubic yards, the equivalent of   almost fourteen 30-cubic yard dumpsters of infill. The   materials that make up synthetic turf carpet systems   contain aquatic and human toxins.

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Ban the Sale Of Harmful Invasive Plants in Maryland!

Lush green trees and bushes with blue sky above.

Help us pass legislation to ban the sale of invasive plants that harm our wildlife and invade parkland, private property, farmland, and waterways.

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