Maryland Sierra Club announces 40 new endorsements for 2018 elections

Contact:  Josh Tulkin
Cell: 650-722-3171

College Park.   This morning the Maryland Sierra Club announced 40 new endorsements for state office and Maryland General Assembly. The endorsements are a mix of incumbents and newcomers.

"This is a critical time for Marylanders to elect leaders who will make environment and public health top priorities. We need elected officials who understand the threat that climate change poses to Maryland.  We need leaders who believe that all Marylanders have the right to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities." said Josh Tulkin, Director of the Maryland Sierra Club.

"We do the hard work of identifying the best environmental candidates, and we are proud of these endorsements," said Betsy Johnson, Political Chair for the Maryland Chapter of The Sierra Club.

OUR PROCESS   The Maryland Sierra Club has a rigorous process for endorsement.  The first step is to review the voting records, public statements, and public advocacy of incumbents seeking re-election to decide upon early endorsements.  Next, the Sierra Club reviews questionnaire responses and conducts interviews of other incumbents, as well as additional candidates.  This includes legislators appointed to their seats and incumbents seeking to move from the House of Delegates to the State Senate.  The Maryland Sierra Club’s Political Committee conducts thorough reviews of all candidates based on their environmental records and policy positions.  
NEW ENDORSEMENTS    (Complete list of endorsements to date here.)
MarylandAttorney GeneralBrian Frosh 
MarylandComptrollerPeter Franchot
9SenatorKatie Fry Hester
9ADelegateNatalie Ziegler
10DelegateAdrienne Jones
14SenatorCraig Zucker
14DelegatePam Queen
15DelegateLily Qi
16DelegateSara Love
17DelegateJulie Palakovich Carr
18SenatorJeff Waldstreicher
18DelegateEmily Shetty
18DelegateJared Solomon
19SenatorBen Kramer
19DelegateVaughn Stewart
20SenatorWill Smith
20DelegateJheanelle Wilkins
21DelegateBen Barnes
21DelegateMatt Dernoga
21DelegateMary Lehman
24DelegateJazz Lewis
25SenatorAngela Angel
25DelegateWala Blegay
25DelegateDarryl Barnes
30SenatorSarah Elfreth
32SenatorPam Beidle
32DelegateTed Sophocleus
33DelegatePam Luby
39SenatorNancy King
39DelegateLesley Lopez
41DelegateSandy Rosenberg
43DelegateCurt Anderson
44ADelegateKeith Haynes
44BDelegatePat Young
44BDelegateCharles Sydnor
45DelegateTalmadge Branch
45DelegateCheryl Glenn
46DelegateRobbyn Lewis
47SenatorCarlo Sanchez
47ADelegateDiana Fennell

 Paid for by the Maryland Sierra Club PAC.  By authority of Sierra Club Maryland Chapter Political Action Committee, Michael A. Pretl, Treasurer.


The Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with three million members and supporters.  

The Maryland Sierra Club has over 71,000 members and supporters and activates thousands of volunteers every year to enjoy, explore and protect the planet through outdoor activities, education, and advocacy.