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SPS Echo Newsletter 

9/28/23 - The Oct-Dec 2023 Newsletter Vol 67-4 is now available.
2/14/23 - To access any issue from 1970 to present, click HERE.    

SPS 2024 Banquet

Our next SPS banquet is scheduled for Sunday, January 28, 2024. We’re delighted to have Claude Fiddler presenting “Sierra  Classic: Claude Fiddler, aka Norman Claude,” of the book, Sierra Classics: 100 Best Climbs in the High Sierra. 

Newsletter Index Page Expanded

11/21/23 - The Newsletter Index now indexes Echos from 1970 through 2023. Climbs and photos of SPS peaks are now listed in Peaks List order. The index is now split onto several web pages.

Himalayan Glaciers Melting

7/28/23 - The Himalayan glaciers are melting at the fastest rate ever seen, CBS News reported. The Hindu Kush region of the Himalayan (HKH) Mountains spans more than 2,000 miles and houses the highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. It contains the largest volume of ice on Earth outside the two poles. For more info, click HERE    (external link)

National Park/Forest  Info

7/18/23 - If you are planning to go any National Park or Forest, it is always a good idea to check their web site for road and trail closures or other alerts.  For a link to Sierra park/forest web sites, check our Parks/Forests web page. Latest check indicated that Sequoia NP currently has no public transportation.

11/26/23 - Su - Yosemite NP: Tioga Pass road is closed for the winter. Glacier Point road is temporarily closed. A reservation is required to drive into Yosemite for visitors arriving February 10–11, February 17–19, and February 24–25, 2024.


Rockfall on Teton's Second Tower

For photos and a description of the recent rockfall, go to       

National Park Entry Requirement

6/5/23 - Some parks within the National Park System (including Death Valley) no longer accept cash and require a debit or credit card for entry. For more info, click HERE [ web site].

Board of Director Election Results

4/27/23 - Shruti Bhatnagar, Rita Harris, David Holtz, Patrick Murphy, and Dave Scott have been elected to serve three-year terms on the volunteer Board of Directors.

Scrambler Ratings Updated

2/18/2023 - The tables of Scrambler Ratings for Sierra Nevada peaks have been updated with new ratings of 144 non-technical routes up SPS and non-SPS summits, including coverage of an additional 58 mountains. In addition, Scrambler Ratings have been revised for 22 routes.  In total, there are now Mountain Scrambler Ratings for 611 non-technical routes up 433 Sierra Nevada peaks.  For more info, click HERE.

Banquet Presentation - 247 Peaks in One Year

In 2022, Travis Soares and Nathan Longhurst set out to climb all 247 SPS peaks in one year to set the Fastest Known Time. Travis completed the list in a remarkable 117 days, twenty days faster than Nathan, in a remarkable feat of planning, logistics, endurance, and adventure.

At the 2023 SPS Annual Banquet (on Sunday January 29, 2023), Travis Soares gave a presentation on the climbs. For a link to the recording of the presentation, click HERE.  

National Park/Forest  Info

10/10/22 - If you are planning to go to Yosemite - or any National Park or Forest, it is always a good idea to check their web site for road and trail closures or other alerts.  For a link to their web sites, check our Parks/Forests web page.

SPS Changes - Recent Years

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5/4/20 - Ratings for Scramblers - Updated    
1/1/20 - New Waiver Forms for Outings Leaders    
9/29/17 - FREE First Year's Membership or Echo Subscription    
9/28/17 - Outings Leader Incentives    
SPS List with Mileage, Gain and Trailhead Information    
12/xx/15 - SPS Membership Requirements - Change  

Other Links / Info

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6/10/22 - California Air Board Questions Electric Car Mandate?    

6/10/22 - Flex-fuel Vehicles and E-85 Use    

6/4/22 - Yosemite now has 15 EV charging stations and expects to have 64 by the end of the year. For more info, see the Spring/Summer issue of Yosemite Conservancy v13#1

5/21/21 - Starting today, reservations are required to drive into Yosemite National Park

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5/20/21 - Great American Outdoors Act - Positive Impact on National Forests
5/10/21 - Who Owns America's Wilderness? (Link to article in The Atlantic)
4/23/21 - Mining Exploration Threatens Long Valley

11/12/19 - If you have any interest in California water policy, check this LA Times editorial.  

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