National Awards

Major National Sierra Club Awards to SPS Members
(First version prepared by Duane McRuer in 2005)

Francis Farquhar Mountaineering Award

"Honors an individual's contribution to mountaineering and enhancement of the Club's prestige in this field"

Honorary SPS Members
Norman Clyde, 1970 (SPS 1960)
Jules Eichorn, 1972 (SPS 1989)
Glen Dawson, 1973 (SPS 1989)

Regular SPS Members
Sam Fink, 1981
Randall Danta, 1994
Douglas Mantle, 1994
Andrew Smatko, 2001
Barbara Lilley, 2003
Greg Vernon, 2010
Tina Bowman (Stough), 2012
R. J. Secor, 2013

Oliver Kehrlein Award

"Honors an individual who has done outstanding work in the Sierra Club's or a Chapter's Outing program." (Established in 1969) ...Oliver Kehrlein was one of the first SPS emblem holders (1956).

Richard Akawie, 1984
Cal and Louise French, 1987
Ron Jones, 1994
Duane McRuer, 1997
Vicky Hoover, 1998

John Muir Award

The Sierra Club's top award

Vicky Hoover, 2004