Sierra Peaks Section Awards

Sierra Peaks Section Leadership Award

"Created by the SPS Membership to give recognition to those individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and service to the SPS over the years and who have fostered new leaders." (Established 1997)

Dave Dykeman and Bill T. Russell (posthumously), 1997
Doug Mantle and Duane McRuer, 1998
Dan Richter, 1999
Larry Tidball, 2000
Barbee Tidball, 2002
Tina Bowman (Stough), 2015
Jerry Keating, 2016
Neal Robbins, 2016
Kathy Rich, 2017
Paul Garry, 2023

Sierra Peaks Section Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Lilley and Gordon McLeod, 2016
Jerry Keating, 2017
Doug Mantle, 2018
Tina Bowman, 2023