Outings Participants

 Participants should be familiar with the material on this page before signing up for an outing.



In the interests of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make voluntary carpooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not provide insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.  It is customary to arrange in advance how carpool partners will share the driving expenses.

Photo Release

Photos are commonly taken during SPS activities. Participants consent to allow use of any such photos in the Echo newsletter and the SPS web site.

Liability Waivers

Like all major organizations, the Sierra Club is sensitive to liability issues arising from our activities. In order to participate in a Sierra Club outing, all participants are required to sign a liability waiver form, usually combined with the sign-in sheet. You are strongly encouraged to read the Liability Waiver prior to signing up for an outing. The Standard Liability Waiver in use for many years has been changed and cannot be used after December 31, 2019.

Liability Waivers (Effective January 1, 2020)

NEW! Angeles Chapter Sign-In Sheet/WAIVER for all outings. This group sign-in form must be used for all outings occurring on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

NEW! Individual waiver, aka Participation Agreement.  This form is for a limited number of outings for which leaders may require that participants sign an individual waiver and mail to the leader prior to the date of the outing.

Restricted Mountaineering Trips

Outings requiring the use of mountaineering gear (ropes, climbing gear, ice axe, crampons) are considered Restricted Trips. Examples are snow climbs, some class 3 peak climbs, all class 4 - 5 peak climbs, Leader Training Committee (LTC) rock and snow workshops and checkoffs. Such trips require careful screening of participants by the Outings Leader. The requirements for participants on Restricted Trips include the following:

      1. You must be a member of the Sierra Club. Although not required, you are encouraged to join the SPS.
      2. You must be technically well qualified for the activity if it is a climbing trip (typically be on the "Mountaineers List"). Technical skills can be developed at LTC workshops and through many commercial guide services and training courses. 
      3. All participants on Restricted Trips must submit a completed Medical Form to the Outings Leader and sign the Mountaineering Oversight Committee Waiver for these trips.
      4. Helmets are required on all Restricted Trips and are recommended on all class 3 outings involving rock climbing (National Mountaineering Oversight Committee requirement).

Rules of Conduct

The following is a link to the Angeles Chapter Rules of Conduct

Outings Classifications

The Chapter Safety Committee has established the following classifications for outings that involve different levels and areas of skill but do not relate to the strenuousness of the outing. 

C - For events under external control of a non-Sierra Club entity (e.g., ranger, concessionaire).

O - Applies to uncomplicated outings such as hikes on trails or equivalent. “Class 1” terrain.

I - Includes outings that involve cross-country travel where navigation is necessary. Rougher ground than “O” outings may be traversed, and the use of hands for balance may be necessary.  Includes outings that have snow travel or skiing on easy terrain.  Climbing level: "Class 2” terrain. 

M     /     M - R     /     M - S     -     Includes Moderate level climbing: “Class 3” terrain.  On rock, the hands are used for climbing.  Some participants may want a safety belay.  On snow, safety dictates the use of ice axes and the ability to self-arrest. M-Rock and M-Snow ratings are available.

E - More exposed than an M outing.  Climbing on “Class 4” terrain.  Rock climbs will use a rope for all in the party.  On snow, climbing steeper terrain than on M outings is permissible and safety dictates the use of crampons.   

T - Applies to outings that involve specialized technical activities.

Ratings for Scramblers - For more info, click HERE     Note: This is a new proposed ratings system for mountain scrambling and may not be in use at present.

Contacting Leaders

Questions? Just click on the outing of interest (in the Outings Schedule) and there will be more information including how to contact the leaders.

Outings Schedule (Campfire Calendar)

SPS Outings are listed on the Sierra Club Campfire Calendar on the Outing Schedule page. Click on the "Map View" tab, the "List View" tab, the "Calendar View" tab, or the "Print View" tab - as you prefer - for different presentations of the schedule.  

All trips require an application, made well in advance, by sending an e-mail or sase (self-addressed-stamped envelope) to the Leader. Many leaders will require qualifications or references. Restricted trips (MR and ER) are limited to Sierra Club members who have appropriate experience. Please review the material above on the topics of transportation, Liability Waivers, Restricted Mountaineering Trips and Rules of Conduct before submitting a participation request. 

Non-SPS (Sierra Club) Outings

Other Angeles Chapter Activities

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For a link to the Schedule for other Angeles Chapter Sections and Committees, click here.

Club Events (Geographical Across US)

Go to https://sierraclub.org/chapters/near-you - then scroll down to the Sierra Club Campfire Calendar/list/map view of activities/outings/events sponsored by all Sierra Club Chapters (using the Campfire Calendar). Many of these local activities/outings/events are open to the public but some may require advanced signups and/or have specific requirements for participants. Many are free but some may have a fee.  

Sierra Club National Outings

Go to http://content.sierraclub.org/outings/national/ for outings sponsored by Sierra Club National Outings. National Outings conducts outings (for a fee) both inside and outside the United States