Web Site Re-Structure


The following was added to the Home page around 1/20/17, then moved here 2/22/17 to clean up the Home page.

Why the web site change? Several reasons. Some members were asking for a fresh look for the web site. More significantly, the archives were getting so large and cluttered that new trip reports have not been added for the last half-dozen years. And, for some time the SPS had been advertising for a new volunteer to take over the web site without getting any volunteers. Eventually, i volunteered on the condition that the web site move to the Sierra Club's Drupal server. (I do not have the experience to make major changes to the old web site or to maintain the old web site for an extended period.) With the Drupal software, little or no experience is required - and so it should be a lot easier to find volunteers in the future.


This new web site is now in reasonable working order, although I'm sure there are some broken links that need repair and a few bits and pieces that have not yet been accounted for. As of January 20, 2017, (with a few minor exceptions), the old web site at sierrapeaks.org will not be updated. New material will be added only to the new web site. For now, the old web site still exists and some of the archives remain on the old site but are accessible from this new web site. If you have difficulty finding anything on the new web site, check the site map - which should also give you a good idea as to how the web site is structured and how to find what you are looking for. I'd like to thank Harry Langenbacher for joining in the effort to complete the re-structure. [Joe Wankum]