Sierra Peaks List Poster

Editor's Note: The URL listed below has not been checked. I have printed a copy of the 3 MB pdf file on 11x17 paper and can almost read the print with a magnifying glass. As time permits, I'll try to re-do the image to print legible copies on multiple pages.

This poster of the Sierra Peaks on the SPS List was created by Darrick Danta in 2007 and has been kindly made available by his family.

Click here to download a reduced resolution PDF of the poster (3 MB). Details of the peaks and their relative location to each other in the Sierra can be obtained by magnifying the PDF on your screen and scrolling around the document.

Click HERE to download a higher resolution PDF of the poster (7 MB). I’ve heard that you can get the poster printed at Costco - The only trick is to manually adjust the automatic crop laterally so that the border is not cut off.  Order a 20 x 30" poster, cost is around $10. To manually adjust the crop, click the Crop icon next to the print size of the image. Click the "Adjust Crop" button and manually adjust the lateral cropping of the image. ...Editor's Note: I have not tried this. If you try it, let me know if this works or if the instructions need to be changed. (