Sierra Peaks Blog

Web Site Changes

The Sierra Peaks Section (SPS) and the Echo newsletter originated in the mid-1950s, the web site in the 1990s. While the Echo has changed appearance from time to time as technology has allowed improvements, the web site has been stable in appearance while the content has steadily grown.

In recent years, some entities around the country have asked the Sierra Club to establish web site templates to which organizations can more easily add their content without the work and skill involved with building a web site from scratch or the continuing skill level needed for maintenance. Several years ago, the Club decided to do this with Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) that allows multiple individuals to publish content to a site.

One of the Club templates is now being used to develop and replace - and bring a fresh look - to the SPS web site. For now, continue to go to Sometime soon, the new web site should be ready for launch.

Joe Wankum