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Mid-Summer (2023) Trivia Questions:

1. How many of the SPS peaks were scheduled more than 10 times by the SPS during the 1980s? Which ones?

2. How many other SPS peaks were scheduled at least 10 times. Which ones?

3. How many long outings were scheduled to go to the Kings-Kern/Great Western Divide?

4. How many SPS peaks were never scheduled during the 1980s? Which ones? (Exclude Tahoe/Northern Sierra area peaks. They may have been led during a long outing without having been separately mentioned in schedule writeup.)

To participate, e-mail your answers by July 15 to:

(1) You don’t have to research this. Just make a guess on at least some of the questions.
(2) Questions concern peaks scheduled by the SPS. Some climbs may have been cancelled.
(3) Include peaks led as part of a long multi-peak area outing (other than Tahoe/Northern Sierra).
(4) Answers to the above questions (posted 7/18):

1. Twelve (12) peaks were scheduled more than 10 times:
15x-Red Slate. 14x-Red&White. 12x- Perkins and Taylor Dome
11x each: Abbot, Agassiz, Cirque, Diamond, Johnson, Thumb, University, Whitney

2. Twelve (12) other peaks were scheduled 10 times:
Barnard, Clark, Goode, Langley, McAdie, N Pal,
Owens, Recess, State, Trojan, West Vidette, Williamson

3. Eleven (11) outings were scheduled to go to the Kings-Kern/Great Western Divide.
For any of you who want to double-check this, dates were:
8006-14-22          8007-02-06          8007-19-26          8008-23-01          8109-04-08
8209-11-17          8209-24-30          8408-18-26          8508-10-18          8707-11-19          8708-15-23

4. It appears that Midway was the only peak never scheduled, although it may have been climbed as part of a longer outing without being prominently mentioned. 7/24/23 Correction: Ron Jones Climbing Route Index in v34#6 lists 4 references for Midway. One of the 4 was a 1979 climb; another was a short route description, not an actual climb. However, the other two were 1980s climbs of Midway: v26#7 reports on a climb during Toby's 7/24-30/1982 trip; v30#3 reports on a climb during Dykeman's 8/10-18/1985 trip. So it appears that all SPS Listed peaks were scheduled during the 1980s.

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