Management + Contact Information

To contact the SPS Management Team, please send an email to:

The Management Team - 2023


 Chair: Jason Pair


      Vice-Chair                        Treasurer                                      
     Paul Garry                     Laura Newman      


             Phil S. Bates                         Phil A. Bates
                Secretary                                Outings

Section Officers - Historical List

Historical Listing of Sierra Peaks Officers from 1956 to 2019
.....Click HERE to download PDF copy 1956 to 2023.
.....Click HERE to download original PDF 1956 to 2015.    

Appointed Positions - List in Echo      

Emblem Committee: Jim Fleming, Kathy Rich, Daryn Dodge, Ron Bartell, Bob Pickering
Outings: Phil Bates
Outreach: Jason Seieroe
Echo Newsletter Editors
: Tina Bowman and Beth Epstein
Echo Mailer: Tina Bowman
IT Support: Greg Mason and Harry Langenbacher 
Safety Chair: Doug Mantle
Keeper of the List: Tina Bowman
Mountain Records
: Harry Langenbacher     
Patty Kline
Conservation: Sharon Moore
Archives: Dan Richter
Webmaster: Joe Wankum ** - Asst/Backup: Harry Langenbacher - Asst: Tina Bowman          

Regional Representatives
San Diego: Joe White
Central California: Daryn Dodge
Northern California: Lisa Barboza 

Section Officers - Prior Years

Management Team - 2022


SPS Chair: Jason Seieroe

     Chair Jim Fleming                   PaulGarry    

Vice Chair/Banquet:     Fourth Officer/Treasurer:         Secretary:
Jim Fleming                         Laura Newman                          Paul Garry 

  Philip A. Bates

    Fifth Officer/Outings:
             Phil A. Bates    

Management Team - 2021

      Secretary Tina Bowman                   

      Chair:  Tina Bowman          Vice Chair: Paul Garry       Treasurer: Laura Newman

          Chair Jim Fleming                      Treasurer Alexander Smirnoff 

     Secretary:  Jim Fleming      Fifth Officer:  Alexander Smirnoff       

Management Team - 2020

Chair Jim Fleming                            Treasurer Alexander Smirnoff 

Chair:  Jim Fleming       Vice Chair/Banquet: Paul Garry     Treasurer:  Alexander Smirnoff        

Secretary Tina Bowman               Jason Seieroe

Secretary:  Tina Bowman    Fifth Officer/Outreach: Jason Serieroe

Management Team - 2019

Chair Jim Fleming                                            Treasurer Alexander Smirnoff 

 Chair:  Jim Fleming       Vice Chair/Banquet: Paul Garry      Treasurer:  Alexander Smirnoff

Secretary Tina Bowman                      

 Secretary:  Tina Bowman    Fifth Officer/Outreach: Laura Newman     

Management Team - 2018


Chair: Tina Bowman   Vice Chair/Banquet: Jim Fleming   Treasurer: Alexander Smirnoff


Secretary:  Paul Garry    Outreach/Membership Development: Laura Newman

SPS Bylaws

Management Committee Policies and Procedures


Please direct questions or inquiries about the Sierra Peaks Section to the appropriate contact in the above list. If this fails, please direct your inquiry to one of the elected officials as they meet on a periodic basis and can pass your inquiry on to the appropriate person.

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