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Banquet list below is an update to info in 1995v39-6p38 Echos of Banquets Past by Vi Grasso & Ron Jones.
Note: SPS was established Oct. 1955. The first anniversary was in 1956. the first banquet was on 12/4/1957.
Most annual banquets were in December until 1999, then moved to the following January in 2000.
How to count/number anniversaries/banquets? Guide to numbering

List of references to Sierra Echo Ads/Flyers of Past Banquets (located below Reports)

List of references to Sierra Echo Reports of Past Banquet Programs

Banquet #-Date---Rpt: Echo Report--- --- ---Sp: Speaker--- --- ---Pgm: Program
#66-2023-1-29--Rpt: 2023v67-2p7-12--Sp: Soares, Travis--Pgm: List Finish in 118 days
#65-2022-1-23--Rpt: 2022v66-2p5--Sp: Musiyenko, Vitaliy--Pgm: A Sierra Crest Odyssey
#64-2021-3-21--Rpt: 2021v65-1p3--Sp: Garry, Paul--Pgm: Vinson Massif
#63-2020-1-26--Rpt: 2020v64-2p7-10--Sp: Chamoun Michael & Smirnoff Alexander--Pgm: Denali: Land of Snow and Ice
#62-2019-1-27--Rpt: 2019v63-2p5--8--Sp: Cairns, Sophie--Pgm: Seven Volcanic Summits
#61-2018-1-28--Rpt: 2018v62-2p11-13--Sp: Armstrong, Patrick--Pgm: Snow Surveying in Sierra Nevada
#60-2017-1-29--Rpt: 2017v61-2p7-11--Sp: Cates, Bob--Pgm: Glen Dawson: A Life Relived
#59-2016-1-31---Rpt: 2016v60-2p6-11--Sp: Robinson, Doug--Pgm: Mountaineering in the Palisades and the Whitney Massif
#58-2015-1-25--Rpt: 2015v59-2p6-17--Sp: Mantle, Doug--Pgm: stories And images
#57-2014-1-26--Rpt: 2014v58-2p4-6--Sp: Croft, Peter--Pgm:
#56-2013-1-27---Rpt: 2013v57-2p11-13--Sp: Bowman, Tina--Pgm: how she became a peakbagger
#55-2012-1-29--Rpt: 2012v56-2p10-11--Sp: Burd, Bob--Pgm: A Decade of Sierra Ramblings
#54-2011-1-29---Rpt: 2011v55-2p17-19--Sp: Scott Swaney & Aysel Gezik--Pgm: Peru: Cordillera Blanca
#53-2010-- -- --Rpt: 2010v54-2p21-23--Sp: Garry, Paul--Pgm: Cho Oyu Climb
#52-2009-1-31--Rpt: 2009v53-2p19-21--Sp: Fried, Andy--Pgm: Peru: Cordillera Blanca
#51-2008-2-3--Rpt: 2008v52-2p17-19--Sp: Danta, Darrick--Pgm: Mapping the Sierra
#50-2007-2-3--Rpt: 2007v51-1p22-25--Sp: Gibbons, Mike--Pgm: Vinson Massif
- - - - - 2 banquets in calendar year 2005; none in 2006
#49-2005-10-16--Rpt: 2005v49-6p5--Sp: Doug Mantle & Dave Sholle--Pgm: 50th Anniv + DVD
#48-2005-1-8-Rpt: [not covered?]--Sp: Robbins, Royal--Pgm: First Ascents/Descents
#47-2004-1-14--Rpt: 2004v48-1p15--Sp: Wedberg, Kurt--Pgm: mountaineering (various)
#46-2003-1-8---Rpt: 2003v47-2p7--Sp: Wilts, Ellen--Pgm: First Ascents
#45-2002-1-9---Rpt: 2002v46-2p8-9--Sp: Sholle, Dave--Pgm: Travel to Africa
#44-2001-1-10--Rpt: [not covered?]--Sp: Croft, Peter?????
- - - - - banquet during calendar year 2000 as banquet was moved from December to January.
#43-1999-12-8--Rpt: 2000v44-1p6--Sp: Epperson, Greg--Pgm: rock climbing photography
#42-1998-12-9--Rpt: [not covered?]--Sp: Burhardt & Helmuth--Pgm:
#41--1997-12-10--Rpt: 1998v42-1p5--Sp: Lowe, Jeff--Pgm: climbing experiences
#40-1996-12-11--Rpt: 1997v41-1p3--Sp: Robinson, Doug--Pgm: Night on Ground, Day in Open
#39-1995-12-13--Rpt: 1996v40-1p8--Sp: SPS members--Pgm: telling their stories
#38-1994-12-14--Rpt: 1995v39-1p6--Sp: Child, Greg--Pgm: K2, Triangle Towers, Denali, Hunter
#37-1993-12-8--Rpt: 1994v38-1p7--Sp: Grissom, Kitty Calhoun--Pgm: Spirit of Alpinism
#36-1992-12-9--Rpt: 1993v37-1p5--Sp: Danta, Randy--Pgm: Climbing Everest
#35-1991-12-11--Rpt: 1992v36-1p9-10--Sp: Farr B & Laeger H--Pgm: Caving: Search for Deepest Cave
#34-1990-12-12--Rpt: 1991v35-1p2--Sp: Bass, Dick--Pgm: Seven Summits Completion
#33-1989-12-13--Rpt: 1990v34-1p3--Sp: G Dawson & J Eichorn--Pgm: Early California Climbs
#32-1988-12-14--Rpt: 1989v33-1p3--Sp: Pies, Don--Pgm: Yosemite multi-day rock climbs
#31--1987-12-9--Rpt: 1988v32-1p3--Sp: Secor, R J--Pgm: 10 Toughest Sierra Peaks
#30-1986-12-10--Rpt: 1987v31-1p7--Sp: Falk, Burton--Pgm: Annapurna Trek; Fluted Peak Climb
#29-1985-12-11--Rpt: 1986v30-1p8--Sp: Lange, Vladimir--Pgm: A South American High
#28-1984-12-12--Rpt: 1985v29-1p8--Sp: Vaill, Edward--Pgm: Tibet: Celestial Peak 1st Ascent
#27-1983-12-14--Rpt: 1984v28-1p4--Sp: Harlin, John--Pgm: The Eiger Direct
#26-1982-12-8--Rpt: 1983v27-1p4--Sp: Ridgeway, Rick--Pgm: Antarctica: The Forbidden Plateau
#25-1981-12-9--Rpt: 1982v26-1p5--Sp: Beck, Dave--Pgm: Adventures in Ski Mountainering
#24-1980-12-10--Rpt: 1981v25-1p4--Sp: Becky, Fred--Pgm: Mountains of America
#23-1979-12-12--Rpt: 1980v24-1p3--Sp: White, Pete--Pgm: Nepal; 1976 Everest Expedition
#22-1978-12-13--Rpt: 1979v23-1p3--Sp: Dee, Diana--Pgm: Soviet Union Pamirs
#21--1977-12-14--Rpt: 1978v22-1p3-4--Sp: Jones, Chris--Pgm: The Classic Climbs
#20-1976-12-13--Rpt: 1977v21-1p3--Sp: Graber, Mike--Pgm: climbing in Alaska
#19-1975-12-8--Rpt: 1976v20-1p11--Sp: P White, P Pilafian--Pgm: various climbs
#18-1974-12-16--Rpt: 1975v19-1p5--Sp: Sykes, Dick--Pgm: WY: Grand Teton, Wind River Range
#17-1973-12-17--Rpt: 1973v17-9p2--Sp: Frost, Tom--Pgm: 1970 Annapurna South Face Expedition
#16-1972------Rpt: 1972v16-9p2--Sp: Barbara Lilley, Bill Feldman--Pgm: AK: Mt St Elias
#15-1971-12-16--Rpt: 1972c16-1p3--Sp: Dick Beach, Barbara Lilley--Pgm: AK: Mt Logan attempt
#14-1970-12-17--Rpt: 1971v15-1p4--Sp: Dan Eaton & Wally Henry--Pgm: AK: Mt Waddington
#13-1969-12-5?--Rpt: 1970v14-1p4--Sp: Barnes, George--Pgm: Afgahanistan:Noshaq
#12-1968------Rpt: 1969v12-12p3--Sp: White, Sykes, Jali--Pgm: Peru Cordillera Blanca Huascaran  Expedition
#11--1967-12-7--Rpt: 1967v11-7p2--Sp: Thornton, John--Pgm: AK: Wrangell Range
#10-1966-12-8--- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: various SPS members*--Pgm: Climbing in Cordillera Blanca*
#9-1965--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: Stephenson, Graham*--Pgm: Climbing Expedition in Afghanistan*
#8-1964--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: Ossofsky, Sy*--Pgm: Mt McKinley Climb by 6 SPSers*
#7-1963-12-12--Rpt: 1964v08-1p8--Sp: Dyhrenfurth, Norman--Pgm: American Everest Expedition
#6-1962-12-5--- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: Ortenberger, Leigh*--Pgm: 1961 Hillary Himal. Exp.*
#5-1961-12-6--Rpt: 1961v05-6p8--Sp: Lothar Kolbig--Pgm: Andes, Inca ruins, Amazon tributary
#4-1960--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: Sullivan, Peggy*--Pgm: Northwest*
#3-1959-12-1--- --- --- --- --- --- ---Sp: Lothar Kolbig--Pgm: Canadian Rockies Climbing Movies
#2-1958-12-3--Rpt: 1958v02-6p4--Sp: Dixon, Bill--Pgm: 3-D tour of Andes, Canadian Rockies, Wind River Range
#1--1957-12-4--Rpt: 1957v01-6p6--Sp: Wallerstein, George--Pgm: 1957 St Elias Expedition

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Reference to Sierra Echo Ads/Flyers on Past Banquets

Banquet #-Date—Echo Ad: Flyer— --- ---L: Location—Ch: Banquet Chair--$Cost—Q: Qty
#66-2023-1-29--Ad: 2023v67-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Garry, Paul
#65-2022-1-23--Ad: 2022v66-1p3--L:virtual--Ch:
#64-2021-3-21--Ad: 2021v65-1p3--L:virtual--Ch:
#63-2020-1-26--Ad: 2020v64-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$45/50
#62-2019-1-27--Ad: 2019v63-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$45/50
#61-2018-1-28--Ad: 2018v62-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$45/50
#60-2017-1-29--Ad: 2017v61-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$45/50
#59-2016-1-31--Ad: 2016v60-1p2--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$45/50
#58-2015-1-25--Ad: 2015v59-1p3--L:Almansor Court--Ch:Fleck, Rudy$45
#57-2014-1-26--Ad: 2014v58-1p3--L:Taix--Ch:Smirnoff, Alexander$40/50
#56-2013-1-27--Ad: 2013v57-1p6--L:--Ch:1/27 or 1/28? Sun?
#55-2012-1-29--Ad: 2012v56-1p3--L:--Ch:
#54-2011-1-29--Ad: 2011v55-1p1--L:Taix?--Ch:
#53-2010--- --- --Ad: 2010v54-1--L:--Ch:Arnebold, Henry
#52-2009-1-31--Ad: 2009v53-1p2--L:Taix - Saturday--Ch:Two Buck Chuck
#51-2008-2-3----Ad: 2008v52-1p4--L:Les Freres Taix--Ch:
#50-2007-2-3----Ad: 2006v50-3p2--L:Les Freres Taix--Ch:Arnebold, Henry$32 -Q:55
#49-2005-10-16--Ad: 2005v49-4p2/insert--L:Les Freres Taix--Ch:Schenk, Gary$28
#48-2005-1-8----Ad: 2004v48-5insert--L:Les Freres Taix--Ch:Arnebold, Henry$28
#47-2004-1-14--Ad: 2003v47-5p14--L:The Castaway--Ch:Patty Kline$28 -Q:64
#46-2003-1-8----Ad: 2002v46-5p19--L:Buon Gusto LB--Ch:Schenk, Gary$28 -Q:71
#45-2002-1-9----Ad: 2001v45-5p27--L:Buon Gusto LB???--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$28 -Q:84
#44-2001-1-10--Ad: 2000v44-6-insert--L:The Castaway--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$29
#43-1999-12-8--Ad: 1999v43-5p27--L:La Canada Flintridge CC--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$28
#42-1998-12-9---Ad: 1998v42-5p23--L:Greek Orthodox Hall--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$25
#41--1997-12-10--Ad: 1997v41-5p2--L:Greek Orthodox Hall--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$25
#40-1996-12-11--Ad: 1996v40-5p3--L:La Canada Flintridge CC--Ch:Kline, Patty$25
#39-1995-12-13--Ad: 1995v39-5p20--L:La Canada Flintridge CC--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$25 -Q:123
#38-1994-12-14--Ad: 1994v38-5p2,7--L:Greek Orthodox Hall--Ch:Tidball, Barbee$25 -Q:145
#37-1993-12-8----Ad: 1993v37-5p7--L:Greek Orthodox Hall--Ch:Hoffman, Barbee$25-Q:142*
#36-1992-12-9----Ad: 1992v36-5p5--L:Pickwick Center--Ch:Hoffman, Barbee$24 -Q:187
#35-1991-12-11--Ad: 1991v35-5p7--L:Pacifica Conference Center--Ch:Leonard, Karen$24-Q:102*
#34-1990-12-12--Ad: 1990v34-5p1--L:Proud Bird--Ch:Underwood, Dave$22-Q:201*
#33-1989-12-13--Ad: 1989v33-5p7--L:Proud Bird--Ch:Parker, Bruce$20-Q:183*
#32-1988-12-14--Ad: 1988v32-6p3--L:Proud Bird--Ch:Gonzales, Mario$18 -Q:125
#31--1987-12-9--Ad: 1987v31-6p5--L:Proud Bird--Ch:Oliver, Bill$18
#30-1986-12-10--Ad: 1986v30-6p3--L:Sportsmen's Lodge--Ch:Grasso, Vi$17 -Q:122
#29-1985-12-11--Ad: 1985v29-6p3--L:Sportsmen's Lodge--Ch:Armentrout, Ruth$17 -Q:100
#28-1984-12-12--Ad: 1984v28-6p3--L:Sportsmen's Lodge--Ch:Armentrout, Ruth$16
#27-1983-12-14--Ad: 1983v27-6p3--L:Chevy Chase CC--Ch:Miller, Mary Sue$16
#26-1982-12-8---Ad: 1982v26-6p4--L:Quiet Cannon--Ch:Miller, Mary Sue$15-Q:135*
#25-1981-12-9---Ad: 1981v25-6p4--L:The Anthenaeum--Ch:Sullivans$15 -Q:120
#24-1980-12-10--Ad: 1980v24-6p2--L:The Anthenaeum--Ch:McDonald, Rob Roy$16 -Q:130
#23-1979-12-12--Ad: 1979v23insert?--L:The Anthenaeum*--Ch:-Q:136
#22-1978-12-13--Ad: 1978v22-6p3--L:Cockatoo Inn--Ch:McKosker, Joe-Q:143
#21-1977-12-14--Ad: 1977v21-6p4--L:Cockatoo Inn--Ch:Kabler, Betty-Q:130*
#20-1976-12-13--Ad: 1976v20-6p2--L:Taix--Ch:Kabler, Betty$8.50 -Q:160
#19-1975-12-8---Ad: 1975v19-6p2--L:Taix--Ch:Betty Kabler, Les Stockton$7.50 -Q:179
#18-1974-12-16--Ad: 1974v18-6p2Cal.--L:Taix--Ch:Paul Kellow, Diana Dee-Q:120
#17-1973-12-17--Ad: 1973v17insert?--L:Taix--Ch:-Q:142
#16-1972--- --- ---Ad: 1972v16insert?--L:Smokehouse*--Ch:Carol Miller
#15-1971-12-16--Ad: 1971v15-8p2--L:Sir Michael's (Th)? Smoke house?--Ch:Carol Miller$5.70
#14-1970-12-17--Ad: 1970v14-8p2--L:Sir Michael's (Th)--Ch:Ory, Horace$5.00
#13-1969-12-5?--Ad: 1969v13-8p2--L:Sir Michael's/Commerce--Ch:$4.98 -Q:87
#12-1968--- --- ---Ad: --L:Sir Michael's/Commerce--Ch:Barbara Sykes-Q:80
#11--1967-12-7--Ad: 1967v11-6p2--L:Rudi's Italian Inn--Ch:$3.25
#10-1966-12-8--Ad: 1966v10-4p3--L:Rudi's Italian Inn*--Ch:
#9-1965-- -- --L:Rudi's Italian Inn*
#8-1964-- -- --L:Rudi's Italian Inn*-Q:102*
#7-1963-12-12--Ad: --L:Rudi's Italian Inn--Ch:Colevins, Neko-Q:120+
#6-1962-12-5--Ad: 1962v6-5p2--L:Rudi's Italian Inn*-Q:80*
#5-1961-12-6--Ad: --L:Michael's Los Feliz--Ch:Charlotte Pearsons-Q:75
#4-1960-- -- --L:Switzerland Cafe*-Q:50*
#3-1959-12-1--Ad: 1959v3-4p2 & -5p6--L:Silver Saddle Inn/Downey--Ch:Cliff & Maurine Myers-Q:42*
#2-1958-12-3--Ad: --L:Smokehouse/Burbank--Ch:-Q:42
#1--1957-12-4--Ad: 1957v1-5p1--L:Smokehouse/Burbank--Ch:$3.50 -Q:46


2024 - SPS 69th Anniversary

Annual SPS Banquet - Sunday, January 28, 2024

Download a copy of the following flyer



SPS 68th Anniversary Banquet - Sunday - January 29, 2023

Banquet Presentation - 247 Peaks in One Year

In 2022, Travis Soares and Nathan Longhurst set out to climb all 247 SPS peaks in one year to set the Fastest Known Time. Travis completed the list in a remarkable 117 days, twenty days faster than Nathan, in a remarkable feat of planning, logistics, endurance, and adventure.

At the SPS 68th Anniversary Banquet (on Sunday January 29, 2023), Travis Soares gave a presentation on the climbs. For a link to the recording of the presentation, click HERE.  

For a PDF copy of the banquet flyer, click on the following link:

SPS_banquetflyer2023.pdf6.49 MB



SPS 67th Anniversary Banquet - Sunday - January 23, 2022

Click HERE for the banquet flyer (PDF copy)     
[On a PC, use CTRL + S to save PDF copy.]

SPS Annual Banquet - 2022

1/1/22 - The SPS 67th Anniversary banquet is now scheduled for Sunday, January 23. Instead of an actual banquet, there will be a virtual (ZOOM!) meeting with a presentation by Vitaliy Musiyenko on A Sierra Crest Odyssey. For more info, click HERE.   

Below is an image of the 2022 banquet flyer. Click on the ABOVE link for the PDF copy which has a link to the meeting. (The banquet flyer below is a visual image only without a working link.)



2021 - SPS 66th Anniversary Banquet - Sunday, March 21

Click HERE for the banquet flyer (PDF copy)     
[On a PC, use CTRL + S to save PDF copy.]

Below is an image of the 2021 banquet flyer. Click on the above link for the PDF copy.



2020 - SPS 65th Anniversary Banquet - Sunday Jan. 27

Click HERE for the banquet flyer (PDF copy)     
or you may order tickets electronically by going to     (a $2.57 service charge applies)

[On a PC, use CTRL + S to save PDF copy.]

Below is an image of the 2020 banquet flyer:

2020 banquet flyer top2020 banquet flyer bottom

2019 - SPS 64th Anniversary Banquet - Su Jan. 27

Click HERE for the  banquet flyer

or you may order tickets electronically by going to     (a $2.57 service charge applies)

2018 - SPS 63rd Anniversary Banquet

Click HERE for the  banquet flyer

or you may order tickets electronically by going to     (a $2.57 service charge applies)

2017 - SPS 62nd Anniversary Banquet

Click HERE for the  banquet flyer. The 62nd Anniversary SPS Banquet was held Sunday, January 29, 2017.

2015 -SPS 60th Anniversary Banquet

The 60th Anniversary SPS Banquet held Sunday, January 25th, 2015, was a huge success. Many thanks to Doug Mantle for his fabulous address!
NEW! 60th SPS Banquet DVD available - click here to order.

Click HERE to view the 60th Anniversary Slideshow (put together by Angeles Chapter historian Bob Cates)
(Slide show is a 19.5 MB PDF file so be patient.)

dougAlex    tinaTom

[left photo] Alexander Smirnoff, outgoing SPS Chair (left) and Doug Mantle, Banquet speaker (right)
[right photo] Tina Bowman receives SPS Leadership Award (Tom Bowman on right)

GordonMaryMacBarbara    DanShaneKathy

[left photo] Gordon MacLeod, Mary McMannes and Barbara Lilley
[right photo] Shane Smith (SPS Eastern Sierra rep), Kathy Rich (Webmaster) and Dan Richter (Archivist)

Congratulations to our 2014 SPS List Finishers - Lisa Barboza, Bob Wyka and Nile Sorenson!

Lisa Barboza, Bob Wyka and Nile Sorenson all completed the SPS list in the summer of 2014 - Lisa on North Pk, Bob on Muah Mtn and Nile on Clouds Rest. Furthermore, by completing all 3 of the SPS, DPS and HPS lists Bob Wyka, Greg Gerlach, Mirna Roach and Greg Roach joined the elite group of Triple List Finishers!

LisaB LF    BobWykaLF

[left photo] Group photo on Lisa Barboza's List Finish on North Pk, June 2014
[right photo]  SPS List Finishers group photo on Bob Wyka's LF on Muah Mtn, September, 2014


Editor's Note: Future photo submittals should be 330 wide to display two photos side-by-side. For reference, photos above have four spaces separation with height: Doug-256, Tina-283, Gordon-242, Dan-247, Lisa-221, BobW-248. Photos wider than 330 will be resized to 330 if they are to be displayed side-by-side.

Banquet list below is an update to info in 1995v39-6p38 Echos of Banquets Past by Vi Grasso & Ron Jones.
Note: SPS was established Oct. 1955. The first anniversary was in 1956. the first banquet was on 12/4/1957.
Most annual banquets were in December until 1999, then moved to the following January in 2000.

1957 - 2nd Anniversary -  1st Banquet
1965 - 10th Anniversary - 9th Banquet
1975 - 20th Anniversary - 19th Banquet
1985 - 30th Anniversary - 29th Banquet
1995 - 40th Anniversary - 39th Banquet
     1999 - 44th Anniversary - 43rd Banquet held in December 1999
     2000 - 45th Anniversary - No Banquet in 2000: Scheduled for the following January
     2001 - 46th Anniversary - 44th Banquet held in January 2001
     2005 - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - 48th Banquet held in January 2005
2005 - 50th Anniversary - 49th Banquet held in October 2005
     2006 - 51st Anniversary - No Banquet in 2006
     2007 - 52nd Anniversary - 50th Banquet in January 2007
2015 - 60th  Anniversary - 58th Banquet in January 2015
     2021 - 66th Anniversary - 64th "banquet" [i.e., presentation] was virtual only, no in-person gathering due to COVID-19
     2022 - 67th Anniversary - 65th "banquet" [i.e., presentation] was virtual only, no in-person gathering due to COVID-19
     2023 - 68th Anniversary - 66th Banquet held in January 2023
     2024 - 69th Anniversary - 67th Banquet to be held in January 2024
2025 - 70th Anniversary - 69th Banquet? (to be determined)     [TOP OF PAGE]

Note to editor's: Example of link to Echo page: 2054_v99-1_rev2.pdf#page=15