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Christian McIntosh
Neal Banta
Philip Martin
Keith Schwab
Dylan Kilby
Damon Vincent


Jenna Horiuchi
Marcus Sproll
Andrew McClure
George Christiansen
Dennis Roberts
Harvey Wohlwend
Mark Taylor
Jon Hershman
Morgan Goodwin


Jon Seaton
Lawrence Lee
Benjamin Mitchell
Peter Winkler
John Hooper (returning member)
Jeff Temple
Bill Carpenter


Jeffrey Solomon (returning member)
Chandra Campbell
Chuck Schillings
Catherine Rossbach
Romain Wacziarg
David Halligan
Mark Ratzlaff
Phil Kohlmetz
Matthew Kraai
Ross Doering
Jeff Gomillion (reinstated)
Josef Mueller
JD (John) Morris


Brendan Black
Garrett McLean
Donovan Pair
Michael Gosnell (reinstated)
Carol Hubbard (reinstated)
George Hubbard (reinstated)

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Membership Requirements

New Members: Membership in the SPS is open to any Sierra Club member who has climbed six peaks on the SPS Peak List. A current subscription to our newsletter, The Sierra Echo, is required. To apply, please complete the Membership Application Form and include a check for $10.00 made out to Sierra Peaks Section for a one year subscription to The Sierra Echo.

For forms, go to Membership page

Renewals: For those renewing their membership, please fill out the

(annual renewal date is December 31st, delinquent after March 31st). 

Note: you can now also pay via PayPal - the email address is

Webmaster admin notes: New members for 2016 & 2017 moved to a pdf file on 3/11/19.